It was Andrea's booming voice that woke the two men out of bed and after rubbing their eyes and smiling to appreciate the dawn of a new day, they both stood up, went into the bathroom and had a warm water bathe, then got dressed, and then walked into the prince and his wife's presence.

Andrea stood up from her piano, bowed at the two men, and then sat at her usual place beside her husband.

"I hope you enjoy your night," she asked after their visitors had sat at the chairs close by.

"Of course, we slept like a log of wood and it was your music that dragged us out of bed."

"What about the ladies of service I ordered for you? I hope they took you to nirvana with their warm honeypot."

"Oh... No. We send them out of our room and warned them not to disturb you, but to go back to their inn."

"Why will you do that? I paid a fortune to bring them down here, and you still have the gut to reject them. Tell me, are they not pretty enough for your liking?"

"Of course, they are beautiful. We had bo
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