The Prophecy: Battle for the ark of time

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The Prophecy: Battle for the ark of time

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In world of anguish and chaos, birthed with the gift to weld magic and targeted by all races even to the peak of extinction, they lived in the mystic realm with nothing but sheer will. But, they were at there end, a conspiracy was being hatched, and the end of all things was at hand. Amidst this ploy, a hero rose amongst the humans, and he alone will be able to discover the secret behind the prophecy.


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37 chapters
The blood moon is the most terrifying cataclycism in the mystic realm that threatened human existence, it caused mayhem and created havoc on every of it'sOccurrence, on this note, it was also called the great tribulation,whenever it happens, the moon turns crimson and all they deadburied in the kingdom come back to life and attack their loved ones,After so many continuous occurrences, the great seven kingdoms where completely wiped out leaving only four, the kingdom ofAden, Pattrice, Colland, and that of Drewn, they were the only kingdoms that triumphed through the numerous tribulations and at that bear a huge responsibility as the last of human existence, in the land of mystics,After so long, a time finally came, and they could no longer withstand it, they then resulted to forming a alliance between theThemselves, of which the three kingdoms united under a centralKingdom, and that was Aden, through this, they were able toPersevere through the continuous tribulations, at a po
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Lost in despair
The real reason I embarked on this journey was because I believed it would be a piece of cake,But that wasn't the case, not in the very least; instead, it turned out to be a total nightmare,I have travelled for nine days and during this period of time, I have exhausted most my food and water, and now only have enough to last a day more.There was nothing more I could do, no matter how fast I ran, no matter what direction I took, I always ended up back where I started, deep within the heart of the forest.It was no use, I had completely depleted all my magic, and only hoped for the monsters not to show up, In that tiring moment, I sat underneath an oak tree, the wind blew through the branches setting the leaves in motion, the forest was extremely quiet, you could clearly hear the birds singing from a mile away, right there and then, I began reflecting on myself, how did I end up here in the first place...... yea, that's right, let's start from very beginning...........A few hundred
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Forbidden Magic
It was barely a hundred years, but the battle between the humans and demons, was already a forgotten issue.Few months after the death of King Rolland the third, a new king was named, in the person of Lancelot roquez,Lancelot was an outright tyrant who ruled the kingdom with an iron fist, his intensions were unknown to the people for he cared less for their welfare, he was more of a demon to them than a human to them, For a long time, the commoners suffered greatly with little or no hope of survival, the magic knights academy which was once free for all became solely for nobles and wealthy families, due to the new system of entrance which had set in,During the eighteenth year of the reign of Lancelot, a group of knights were sent to explore a cave far outside the boundaries of the kingdom.In the process of exploration, they discovered some strange symbols in the cave of which the copied into a scroll, and sent back to the kingdom,The symbols were of ancient language which were im
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On reaching the palace there was a terrible earthquake; the quake was so severe that no one was left standing,As it ended, arson quickly got up and ran to the palace guard who was also affected by the quake,After speaking with the guard for a while, he was allowed to proceed further into the palace; he then dashed in without a second thought.On his arrival, he met the king in a rather foul mood as he was still in a meeting.The king seeing him immediately instructed a guard to take him to the dungeon, to be punished for not seeking proper permission before coming in, but then, he cried out informing the king of his reason.On hearing this, the king raised his hands signaling the guard to retreat, he then asked him to explain.Arson at that moment began revealing the details of the prophecy to everyone sited there, on hearing this, a great silent swept through the palace, they were all left speechless.But then, the king's advisor, madrick, pointed out the severity of the issue, and
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The King's word
The next day, fliers were posted round for all the young men of the kingdom to assemble at a certain location for a sudden announcement by the king,There it all started,I had just arrived in the capital and was planning to find accommodation, when I saw the flier, I then decided to attend and Hear what the king had to say,On reaching there, I saw an enormous crowd, it was quite difficult to get through, and in the process, I heard a voice."Young men of this prosperous kingdom" the king shouted with an outstandingly audible voice as he walked onto the stage,"There is disturbing news going round the kingdom, so I am here to personally clarify it....... the sorcerer ephron, who is now late. Dedicated herself to solving the mystery of the prophecy, and after so long, she was finally able to find meaning to it, but it turned out to be very disturbing, she confirmed that on the day of the blood moon, the barrier at boundary would be broken"On hearing this, there was a great commotion.
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I had just finished sword practice for the day and was heading home.On reaching my house, I was completely lost at the sight that welcomed me, The whole place was on fire, the flames blazed through the windows, doors and everywhere in and around the house.Without thinking, I immediately rushed in through the door that had already been blown open by the flames,"Mom! Mom!" I screamed in panic running around the house, there was nothing left to see but flame, the smoke were so dense to the point that I had difficulty in breathing,As I ran around the house helplessly, I suddenly stepped on something, on noticing it, I took a step backward and looked to see what it was, to my surprise, it was mom.Seeing her all raddled up, I immediately bent down and lifted her up by resting her back on my arm,"mom! Wake up, please....... wake up!" I pleaded.She then opened her eyes and spoke "Charles, is that you" "Yes, it's me" I replied."I need to tell you something....ugu ugu ugu (coughing) you
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The helping hand
"Wow, and I thought I had it rough….well, at the very least were in the same boat” he asserted. "Yea, your right" I answered, robbing my finger against my ring. “Oh, that’s right; I forgot to ask for your name" he asked. wearing an obvious smile. “It’s Charles and you" i replied. He pointed his index finger to his face “It’s William" The room was a small compact place, it looked as though it was built without proper planning, a little stool was placed at the corner of the room facing the door, and a mini table was placed at the center, “That’s right, how were you able to make such amount of money in such a short time?" he asked with a sudden kin interest, It was at that moment I realized; he was an insanely curious person. "Well, I did tell you about the ring I was given" "Yea, you did" he replied looking excited, "Apparently it was a spatial ring; it contained a lot of gold coins and also a strange sword" “strange, and what do you mean by that" "Well, for some reason I ca
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The journey begins
On entering the forest, a thick gray fog engulfed me in whole, I couldn't see or hear a thing, the whole place was a bit dark as the sun ray was barely able to illuminate through the thick dark fog. in that situation, the only thing I could do, was run,After a long period of continuous running, I heaved a sigh of relief as I saw a light straight ahead, I continued running towards the direction of the light, until I finally escaped the fog, As I escaped the fog, I turned around but found no one, even the fog was nowhere to be found, the only thing I saw were enormous trees and over grown bushes, my limbs felt like they would fall off, but I just couldn't stop there, I had to keep running to ensure survival.On reaching a certain part of the forest, I stopped as I encountered a strange sound; the sound seemed to echo all over the forest, so I couldn't locate its source.Sudden, a strange creature came out from within the bushes, it had two horns and its fangs were extremely huge, its
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The moment he struck me, memories of my life flashed pass my eyes, I became even more determined to find the truth, but at this rate, it was all over.I fell to the ground and slowly lost consciousness, my eyes became deem and I lost all my strength, the only thing I could see, was the red eyes of the ogre, till it all faded into darkness."Waahhh!" I screamed, as I sat up,I looked around and found all the summoned ogres lying around lifelessly, I then turned to my side and found the ogre dead.I immediately stood up completely astonished by what I had just seen, to my greatest surprise, I discovered that I was holding the sword which I couldn't originally pull out of its scabbard,A strange feel of energy coursed round my body, it was like nothing I have ever felt before, I felt so...... powerful.The event that had transpired while I was unconscious was a mystery to me, there was no trace of injuries on my body, it was rather strange, in a short while, I continued my journey into t
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Realty or illusion
I barely managed to crawl out of the cottage; the pain I felt was really intense."I saw how you killed that ogre; you won't be getting beyond this point" he added as he stepped forward.."What! I... I ..... Killed it" i stuttered. "Oh please, drop the act, your life ends here"Suddenly, the other fingers also transformed to claws, and then he attacked me,"Zzuupp! Zzuupp!" the claws went straight for my neck.I managed to evade some of the attacks with my sword, but the final strike was so fast that I couldn't react to it, it then sunk its claw through my chest,After that, the beast attempted to deal a final blow, realizing this, I immediately reached for my dagger which was strapped to my leg and stabbed it in the eye,"Ahhh!" the beast screamed out in pain.Without a single second to waste, I ceased the opportunity, got up and made a run for it.I ran into the forest in so much pain and nothing but a single thought in mind, survival,After covering some distance I stopped on noti
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