Peak Of Glory

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Peak Of Glory

By: The Myth OngoingFantasy

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Jasper Hain is the most powerful cultivator in the Great Land. His dominance made everyone jealous, and they united to destroy him. In the Ancient Realm, Jasper Anderson was tragically killed by his friend. At the last moment, Jasper Hain's soul entered his body. With all the memories of both souls, an explosion of rage occurred. I rise to rule the world!

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13 chapters
Snow covered the plains of the Great Land. The cold wind blew hard. The falling snow covered the traces of battle blood. The bangs and booms could be heard over and over again. The sound of breaking branches made the atmosphere even more tense. As the battle continued, the sound became clearer and clearer. It was as if several pieces of iron were colliding with the shouts of the people involved in the battle.Dew Village is a small village in the Eastern Great Land. It was the closest place to the commotion. The villagers were terrified as if they were facing death."Jasper, there is no way to escape!" A man who was Scott Green said. "I'll kill you!"Scott grinned. "No, I won't kill you, I'll make you beg for death!"Jasper Hain, a young man wearing a black robe, carried a black spear with a mighty dragon carved along the body. It was a Dragon Spear, one of the legendary weapons sought after by cultivators. Jasper smiled broadly as he saw the people approaching. "If I die, I won't
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An evil smile appeared on Lucy's face. It was the last face Jasper saw before he died. Jasper's vision began to fade, replaced by a dense darkness."Is this the realm of death?""Jasper."A voice broke the silence. The voice was deep and commanding. "Who are you?" Jasper did not see anyone else in this place. However, the voice sounded as if it was right next to his ear. "I am Fasan, having traded my eternal life for yours. You can't die like this again, no way!"Despite not being able to feel his body, Jasper tried to shake his head. Even though he was dead, he could still feel sadness. "Don't do this. I want to join my family in the afterlife.""Too late. The contract has already been made. You can only fulfill it. Goodbye."The pain that had disappeared earlier slowly returned. Jasper slowly opened his eyes. The blinding lamplight made Jasper close his eyes again.A soft voice full of concern sounded in Jasper's ears. It was like someone gently touching his hand. "Jasper, are y
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Victor snorted. A combat aura came out from his body. "He's just kneeling, he won't die. However, your son almost made my son die!" There was a warmth that ran through Jasper's heart. Based on the memories of the previous body owner, Victor didn't do much when others oppressed his son. He only asked Jasper to train harder in order to take care of himself. When he saw Jasper defending him so much, Jasper felt very happy. Jasper saw Gustav kneeling down while looking at him angrily. His gaze shifted to Victor who was making tension with Lucas. 'Mr. Victor, your son is not almost dead, but he is already dead. I am the other person who will avenge your son.' Victor was still arguing with Lucas. Although he was usually silent, but Gustav had been too cruel yesterday. He couldn't let it go easily. "You two adults, why are you being so childish?" A deep and authoritative voice resounded, stopping the tension between Victor and Lucas. The two people were too focused on arguing to noti
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Jasper nodded and returned to Victor's presence. Victor looked at his son questioningly. He felt that his son had changed. In the past Jasper would look down in fear when confronted with him. However, this time Shen Xiaolong looked unperturbed. "Jasper, you have become different." Jasper frowned. "What's changed about me, Dad? Is there a horn on my head?" Jasper stroked his head, worried that a dragon horn had come out. "It's not your form that's changed, but your attitude." Victor continued to watch his son's every move. Jasper was speechless. He remembered that the owner of this body was a timid boy. That's why Gustav often bullied him. If only he became a brave figure, even if he had no strength, he would not let Gustav bully him. Silent for a while, Jasper sighed softly. "Dad, all this time I've always kept quiet in the hope that they wouldn't bother me. Not only did they not stop, they almost killed me. Whatever happens, from now on I won't be silent." Whether it was be
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Seeing her son so confident, the worry on Emma's face slowly disappeared. Not knowing why, she felt that her son was very different.Victor went on a mission that the family assigned. Every clan member who had reached adulthood was required to go on a mission. In one year, they must go on at least three missions. Victor has always been the most diligent person. He needed so much money to support the progress of his son's practice that he was always on a mission. He only returned home two days ago, moments after his son was critically injured by Gustav. After a day's rest, he went back on mission. He had been doing this for many years. If it wasn't used to buy various medicines, it was certain that Victor's was the richest Clan Elder. As soon as Victor left, Jasper approached Emma who was watering the flowers. "Mom." Emma turned her head and smiled warmly. "Yes, do you need anything?" Jasper nodded. "Does mom have money?" Emma was a little surprised when she heard her son's qu
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In the morning, Jasper woke up with a refreshed body. He drank the Cleansing Water again. Unlike before, this time Jasper did not vomit. That meant that all the pill residue in his body was out. Jasper felt his vitality increase. He took the Miracle Water and drank it. His face turned red as he felt something burning his body from within. Miracle Water could strengthen an ordinary person's body and make him a cultivator. If any Body Tempering cultivator drank it, he could reach the next stage faster than ordinary cultivators. As long as the Miracle Water was not fully absorbed, the liquid felt like it was burning the stomach. Three hours later, Jasper felt that he had absorbed all the benefits of the Miracle Water. His body, which was originally very thin, was now fuller. His muscles began to bulge. Soon Jasper could become a body tempering cultivator. Jasper felt amazed by his new body. Vitality increased drastically. He stood in front of the mirror, his face not as pale as b
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Jasper turned the combustion lever, causing the flames inside the furnace to become increasingly hot to an extreme degree. The room temperature also rose sharply. Everyone's clothes now began to flood with sweat. With such intense heat, it naturally caught the attention of Emma who was guarding the shop. She rushed towards the smelting room and saw her son doing something. "Jasper, why are you standing there?" shouted Emma. "I asked you to watch, not work." A warm smile appeared on Jasper's lips. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with the hem of his robe. "I'm making a breakthrough, ma'am. This way, we can save time and effort." "But...." "Trust me. I'm not playing around." Emma wanted to protest, but she swallowed her words back. Somehow, from Jasper's words, there was a part that made her so trusting.The furnace continued to burn. Within an hour, the iron in the furnace had melted completely. "The iron has melted?" Matthew spoke in confusion. One of the workers said exci
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Lily gave a graceful salute to Emma. "Madam, I'm Lily, the servant that Young Master just bought." Emma couldn't hide her laughter. "Jasper, i gave you money to buy something interesting. I didn't expect you to be interested in this girl." Jasper's face turned red. "Mom, you're teasing me!""If you like this girl, take care of her. Don't misbehave before you enter adulthood." "Okay, Mom." Jasper widened his eyes as he realized that he fell into this trap. His face became even redder like a tomato. Emma laughed with satisfaction as she successfully teased her son. The gentleness she usually displayed was gone like it never existed. Lily remained silent beside Jasper even though her face was also flushed. Emma stopped laughing. She let out a long sigh. "Alright. Since the production process is faster than usual, we can close early today." Emma ordered her employees to close the shop. Afterward, she took Jasper and Lily to eat dumplings. At the dumpling shop, they sat at the tab
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Kevin was naturally surprised by Jasper's development. A few years ago, Jasper was always considered a genius until something mysterious happened to him. The boy's strength slowly disappeared as if he had never cultivated. "Elder Kevin, I want to look for a savage tiger attack technique. Can you help me? me?"Kevin'e face turned guilty. "Jasper, I'm sorry, but that technique is being studied by Gustav. How about you learn something else? With your intelligence, you can learn new techniques quickly." Jasper remembered all the parts of the savage tiger technique. However, if he said so, everyone would be suspicious. "Elder Kevin, I still remember most of the parts. If Gustav has finished it, can you tell my father?" It was no wonder that Jasper was said to be the genius of the Shen clan. Even the notoriously difficult ferocious tiger technique could be memorized. Not many people can do it even if only to memorize one part. "Alright, if Gustav has finished his training, I will tell
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Not only could she withstand the blow, Emma could also counter Lucas' punch and make him bounce. Her movements were smooth but also sharp. At the same time, it also looked beautiful. Like a rose with a stem filled with thorns, that was Emma. Beautiful and dangerous. She stood gracefully, looking down at Lucas who was lying on the ground. Her final blow left Lucas unable to stand.Everyone who saw this scene, couldn't keep their mouths shut. Emma Voss, a woman known for her gentleness, dared to beat up Lucas. Everyone was shocked, but Kevin was the most surprised. He had fought Lucas before, so knew how strong the man was. However, he couldn't even face could be taken down by Emma in a few blows. This was a very horrible fact. Jasper, on the other hand, immediately approached Emma with a cheerful face, like any other child who sees his favorite superhero character. "It's true, every mom is a Wonder Women!" Jasper said enthusiastically. Emma turned her head, her cold expression cha
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