The two men were back at the mafia palace after their sightseeing and they were immediately summoned into the presence of the royal family.

On the seats were lots of royally dressed mafias and all eyes fell on the oddly dressed men as they sauntered into the parlour, offered mock bows at the man on the throne and his wife, and then walked towards some chairs arrange beside El Ramon and sat with a fixed smile.

"As I was saying, the coronation will take place by the next new moon, and the two weddings will commence after."

"I suggest we do them separately. These are rare occasions and shouldn't be celebrated mildly."

"I agree with you, and that was why we decided to make it seven days. The first five days will be used to celebrate the enthroning of a new mafia king, while the last two days were for the wedding celebrations."

"Your majesty. Why will you get married at the same time when with a palace maid? I suggest you order her to postpone her wedding to the upper week."

"What is the
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