A new start

I couldn't sleep again, not after having a nightmare. I wash the dishes, cleaned the house. Before Mrs Sarah woke up, I was done. Sam you are up already she said with a wink face, she went back to her room. I did some of my morning routine and 6pm clocked the time, Mrs Sarah was already in the kitchen preparing something, after a while she called, and we ate in silence, “thank you for the meal I said.

We arrived at school early,, so she left me to roam about, Wander for some time then somebody tapped me on my shoulder, it thought it was Christabel, it was just some tall black guy, he wasn't dress properly, he had a shady haircut, “Boss wants to see you, he said. I was like “boss" , follow me he said, so I followed him, he took me to a corner in the school, I already know they were bullies, I have encountered many, this one was common between my former school and here, this is going to be interesting, when we reached the place, I saw a boy, he had broad shoulders, he was also tall like the other one, he was sitting on other students back who took the posture of a chair. Then another boy approach me he must be their spoke man, “we know you are new here, so we will give you a week of grace, or you be like that kid over there”. I stare at the direction he pointed, I saw someone on the floor, they must have beaten him hard. “ Do you understand, he yelled “. Should I save him or leave him, “I didn't hear what you said, come closer, so I can, hear you correctly" I said? They burst into laughter, I joined them too, “you think this is funny the spoke boy said, approaching me slowing, “Sam" a voice from behind called I turned, and it was Christabel. What is she doing here I wonder, the boy where choke too. “You have done well”, she said approaching me with paste, and when she finally got to me “Mrs Sarah will be happy, we finally found the thugs in this school”. The boys immediately ran away, only the one referred boss stayed. He finally stood up and walked slowing to the exit, “you never seems to fascinate me Christabel, but you were late again, he pointed at the boy on the floor.” he walked pass us, he stopped" boy, see you around, then he left. We rushed to the boy on the floor, he was bleeding badly, there were bruise all over him. We have to rush him, to the school medical center. Christabel tried to lift the boy up, why does she care this much, I wonder? “Help me lift him on my back, she said” after trying effortlessly. I lifted the boy on my back, “lead the way I said" Christabel quickly took charge. We arrived at the school center the boy was treats, he fainted while he was on the floor. He was asked what happened, but he lied that he fall from the stairs, I was thinking Christabel will say something, but she was quiet, I wanted to say something, but she held me back, let talk outside Christabel said pulling me outside. “How can you be quiet and let this lunatic roam about” I will tell you why. “The one referred to as the boss, his father is the largest donation in the school, there is nothing I can do, the school can't punish him properly” on hearing that. I was angry, she must have read my facial expression, “don't do any stupid, if they find out, that you were the one, who reported them, things might go out of hand she said with a crying expression on her face. Why will she be crying, I wondered. “Okay I won't, I said without facing her. “You can leave without me, I will stay here for a while, Christabel said, entering the building. I stood for a while, I wanted to enter the center again when I heard the doctor" how is your friends leg Christabel, “it is getting better Christabel replied swiftly, “how could she have fell from the stairs”, he must be careful, he could have lost his leg in the process if you haven't found him, ” yes we were lucky.” 

those bullies have done enough, how can people be so brutal, I have to do something about this. 

I walked slowing to class, how do I stop them, I can't report to the school, what do I do, I can't start causing trouble, dad will be disappointed, I have to stay low.

Class went smoothly, Christabel didn't come. If only I could help. Those boys were in our class, they kept staring at me , “hey Sam, come here let have some talk. I walked to them, sit down, the one called boss said. so, I sat, “I am Yuma, you see my father paid for the scholarship of this year, “I heard you came in through scholarship” he asked politely.” yes I came in through”. “Your parents must be penniless” he said swiftly after my replied, his boys burst into laughter. so, what do you have to say, “thank you sir" I replied hasty “that good I see you are fast learner  but I won't take compliment for repayment of favors" he said gently. “ Why not repay my father favors by, going on errands for me. "Yes sir" I replied swiftly. that was good, you're a good boy. You can go now, he said calmly. “I cannot be in the same class with this poor rat"  he yelled and everybody Burst into laugher. Sam, someone called from the door post, I stood up after hearing my name, the principal wants to see you, I walked to the principal office. “Closed the door he said on entering” so I shut the door. Sam, how are you coping, from rich to poor. “Fine actually, but the bullies in school are aggressive.” “You must have met them already.” yeah. “I will help you on that anyway, so everything is good”, “yeah everything is good. okay, you can go now. okay, sir. Okay. 

I felt hungry after leaving the principal office, I have gone to the carfare on my way there, a large crowd was waiting for their turn, I haven't seen anything like this before. How do pass this crowds, “hey Sam” a voice from behind called, it seems familiar, I turned, and it was Christabel? “Christabel how are doing” I asked smiling at, nothing exactly she replied calmly, you must be hungry, she said swiftly, nope I said, but my stomach had to disgrace me by ramming, Christabel burst into laughter “you are a terrible lier ain't you she's laughing again” she brought something covered in white, here take, she stretch it to me, I declined at first, but she insisted, so I took it, what do you plan to eat I said, I have some in my bags she replied. I unwrap it, it was a locally made hamburger. She must have made it herself, I bite hard, “how is it Christabel said” “yummy, it is delicious I said making a facial expression of joy”. After I finished, we walked alone for a while, then we met somebody name Marcel. He joined us, he must be Christabel good friend, they talked for a while then Christabel turns to me, “Marcel this Sam, Sam is Marcel my good friend”. I shake him. His dad owns the big shop I was talking about, “don't worry Sam I will put so words for you”, he said smiling “I would appreciate” I shake him. “ 

You have to go training Christabel, you guys have Alpha high school friendly matched coming, Alpha team, Christabel mood changed, I have to go practice. She left me and Marcel there, that the team captain Marcel shouted, Christabel didn't turn back insisted she has begun running. “ What happened between alpha and ours asked Marcel after Christabel have gone far"  “Alpha team female disgrace omega in the interschool competition last year”. 

“ was it that worst" , “yeah 10 – 130”. What 10–130, that was bad. “Can you play basketball Sam” Marcel looked at me? yeah, I know so few tricks. We need a height like yours in the team. I will pass, I can't really play, I just like the sport. “If you don't join any sport center, the school will automatically put you on one”. Sport is where school excel, he said jogging away see you around he said”. I want to keep a low profile, as possible 

Mrs Sarah was calling me, I had to go see her, so I went to her office. I knocked, “come in, sat down, sam.” “I won't be staying with you anymore”. I looked at her, 

You might already know why I called you. you were to  stay alone right from the beginning, think of the past few days as bonus, from now hencefortht, you will be staying alone, you will struggle for your meals and the rest. I wasn't happy at hearing this, but I know it was the right thing. “ I won't learn anything if I were like this, I said smiling at her” thanks for the bonus, this is my new start.

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