Be our tutor

Why don't we fight for the court, one of the arrivals said. Marcel caught Sam hiding in a corner. Yes, a three on three match. He picked his friends. Peter, Sam, come join us. He said. Everybody stares at his pointing direction. Christabel was choke Abit. What was Sam doing here. Sam kept ringing in her ears. Sam came out of hiding. I accept, he said. Christabel console some words. What about your legs, you are not heal yet, she watches him walk. He is fine Marcel jumps in. I am okay, Sam added, smiling with a closed eyes.christabel went to her position. He is too stubborn, she thought. Marcel arranges the formation. Sam was the defense and they were the attackers. Marcel losses the ball on purpose and the opponent score points. The magain kept increase. The crowd glance at them. Christabel covers her face with one of her hands. Sam couldn't stop any of the attackers. They passed him like there was nobody there. Marcel smiled. The second round started and Marcel became serious. They were catching up quickly, with Marcel displaying some skills. Peter was a good combo with Marcel. Marcel lost the Ball to Lucas, one of the opponent attack, he score a point. Time wasn't on our side anymore. We are 3 points down. Marcel suddenly past the ball to Sam. Only 2 minutes left. " What are you doing", one of christabel friends yelled. "Shot the ball, Marcel pressure him. Sam took the stands of a three pointer, he placed the ball rolling in the air. Everybody was on their toes. The gentle landed on the nest. We are tied. Some people screamed. Marcel fixed his eyes on the down, searching for answers. Everyone forgets that the game wasn't over. The opponent took this as an advantage, they catch us off Guard. Sam tries to stop them. But he failed, falling on the floor. They were down to 2 points. Awe everybody screamed. Some folded their hands on their heads. Christabel sitting in the corner. She was pale. Thirty seconds remaining. The game was over an expact could tell. Marcel and Peter had to leave. Twenty seconds left, Sam picked the ball, from their next corner. Ten seconds remaining. The first rule of basketball, the game is not over, until the time stop. Five seconds remaining. Everybody fixes their eyes on him. Sam sent the ball flying in the air. Some stood up watching every flow of the Ball. "No" some people called repeatedly. The ball hit right into the nest. The time hit one second and the game was over. Everywhere was quiet. The ball hit the ground and bounce back up. Simon was in pause at the time. He didn't picture Sam to be a basketball three pointer king. Marcel eyes pop out. His head shook forward like that of a giraffe. We won christabel voice out with excitement. She ran to Sam, spreading her hands, Sam stood like status. Everybody was jubilant. Marcel spotted christabel with the corner of his eyes. She was running to Sam direction, she widened her hands.

Christabel ran towards Sam. She widens her hands. Sam stood like a statue. He tried smiling, but he couldn't. Something filled has occupied his brain. Christabel rushed to him.I never knew you're good at this. She said. yeah, I play a lot back then. The girls team soon join their leader. We want to be able to do that. The girl who yelled early said. I am Sonia, she furthermore continues expanding her hands for a handshake. Sam accepts the pleasure. Be our tutor, one of them said. They pressure Sam to agree. Which he did. Marcel glitches to the floor. Some would say he wasn't happy. 

the alpha high packed their stuff, they actually obey. Lucas ran to Sam. I would like you to join our club, he said. Sam rejected the offer. Christabel was distance close to him. She was surprised when Sam said no. Lucas even persuade with money but he is still refuse. She walked to Sam. Why did you refuse the club offer, she asked? I would rather not play, he said my legs hasn't fully healed anyway. You should think about, this is a one-time opportunity, trust me you don't want to miss it. She turns to leave. Christabel Sam called. I want to discuss something with you. Christabel position to a listening ear. Marcel jump right in. nice shot, he hit Sam lightly on the back. yeah, it took a lot of practice.christabel are you ready for your private lessons. Marcel said, finding an answer in her face. The girls team would like to learn, the three pointer method. Maybe we should fix another for day. Christabel said. Marcel knew christabel had rejected it. The girls' basketball competition was only few days from here after their exams.

Sam shows them the trick behind it, his three pointer and other tricks. He told them where their fault lies. They need to have another person. who can score point. The girls team work on it. The sun set, the rest of the team left for their various houses. Christabel was still practicing. Sam seats on one of the available seat. A thought of Sam wanting to tell her something flash through her mind. She stops and walked towards Sam. What were you say before Marcel jumped in. she said. Sam gave it a second thought. We should go practice, he said. I could show you some dribbling skills. He gets up. She threw the ball to him. She tries to collect it, Sam did some turn over skill. wow, that was great. She used a different method to collect the ball. She ended up crushing into Sam. Take it easy Sam said holding her on the shoulder. Focus on the ball, the control. He sent the ball flying to the nest. Bravo let go home. Christabel collect her bag from her seat. They walked their separate ways. Sam actually knows this area. Mr. Carlos had showed him on their path to Mrs Sarah house. His house was close by. Christabel had a smile that reaches her eyes. She felt like she was in the seventh heaven. 

Marcel came out after they have left. He walked around the court. Like he lost something. He finally stares at the sky. The cloud formation had formed a roaring face.

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