Sam's number, it alarms in her head. She jumps up, a thought of she didn't bring her phone ran through her head. The rain was falling heavily. She had to wait, this excitement her made her warm.she was in one of the available chair inside, then she heard someone phone ringing. She traces the sound. She was scared has she approaches further. She sighted the phone, it was Sam own. She picked it up. Who could be calling, she wondered. It was Mr. Carlos. She didn't respond. Then a text came in. "Have you left, text me back" it said. She blinked her eyes multiple times, "Mr. Carlos knows" she felt left behind. She sat in bed. Then she remembers, she has a phone now. She quickly dial the number.

Sam stare at his phone. He drops it after a while. He heard a knock at the door, "Samuel, Samuel" dinner is ready. Sam ignores it. It was Jessica. He knows he can't ignore her forever. If only he could get a response from christabel. A thought that he has hurt her bump in. maybe she hasn't forgiven
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