My Honor

Sam wakes up, he felt tired, he wasn't comfortable, this was his favorite couch. He made breakfast before christabel gets up. He did his usual exercise. “ You still practice” christabel came out, she went to the table. “Why did you make breakfast, she looked at him”. “I learned from the best chef in the world” he demonstrated his cooking skills playing. Christabel clapped for him. “Please next time wake me up” she digs in. why don't we go out to explore, Sam told christabel. “Where should we go”. “Watch Formula One”, “I got to study, the final exams are coming”. "Okay" Sam left. Christabel went to the library, she has being wondering what happened to the rusticated stuffs, she is not been disturb, maybe Sam solved it. She located the secret entry that Sam told her. Nobody was there she read quietly, “christabel smith we meet” Jessica remove her Hood. Sam has been called by his grandparents. He can't denial them. He got there, Anita and Sam arrived same time. He didn't talk to her. Gra
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