The sad news

Sam wakes up, he was weak, for some reason, he didn't sleep properly. He brushes his teeth, did his routine, he prepared breakfast. The weather doesn't seem to be happy, it is going to rain soon he said. The family gets up and had breakfast, christabel was taking the day off, it has been a month and a week now, she has made huge progress. Mrs. Smith seems down lately, she hasn't received any calls from her husband, it has been a week since he last called. This was frightening her. The family was busy with breakfast, Sam phone rings, it was Jake, he picked the call and put it on the table. “Samuel” Jake said. “Hey Jake, how long has it been” Sam respond quickly. “Samuel” Jake called again. "What Jake". There was silence for a while. “Your father has passed away” he finally said. Sam wanted to say those funny jokes, but he lost his voice, for some reason he believes it. He was sure of what to say, he knows Jake never joke around. This hit his heart like a bomb. “You need to come home” J
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