Maya was losing strength, Charles continues to assure her that it is almost done, “you can do it” he smiles at her. He wasn't happy that Anita was the doctor in charge they didn't talk to each other, they only gave heads signs. He suspect a scheme from his parents, so he places his eyes close Anita. Maya successful gave birth, the baby finally came out, Mr. Charles jumps up with joy, he didn't bother about the gender, he faces, you did darling, he kisses her on her forehead.Mrs Anita look how happy he was, she smiles, "Mr. Charles, it is a boy" she said. she turns and she left, Charles didn't respond, he was touching Maya face, he went to where the baby was, Maya wanted to hold it, Maya touch it, she smiles at Charles, it is a boy, she said, you wins, "I Wish it was girl" he looks just like his father, suddenly body temperature went on the high side. Charles quickly rush out to find a doctor, he saw Anita, but he walks pass her, Charles came with the senior head doctor, she died, she
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