Chapter 8

They all came up empty-handed after days of turning the library upside down. They eventually accepted the fact that there was no way out of their curse. King Jerald had never been so depressed or tired in his life. He was on the verge of crying as he looked at his wife.

Rachel broke the silence by saying, "If we don't get intimate, I won't be pregnant, and she won't have any six sons to collect."

King Jerald raised his eyes to her.

"We can try, you can sleep with the servants to quench your thirst."

"That's absurd!" King Jerald yelled out.

Rachel walked to where he was seated and knelt, "My King, if we cannot find a supernatural way to deal with this curse, then let's try physically."

"No!" King Jerald yelled out.

"I will not cheat on you with other women."

"I was just making a suggestion—if we stay away from each other, she will not get her way," Rachel pointed out.

"What of Mark, Messan, and Maximus? She will come and get them. She will come and get our sons!"

"Maybe the sorcerers
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