World Ixion/SAGA

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World Ixion/SAGA

By: Marvin Miño OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A young worker sees his end on the tracks of a train. He prays to an entity to have a second chance and it grants his wish. And he is reborn in a fantasy world of magic and mechas called Armor. But to his misfortune he is living in a game world where he is the VILLAIN. Can the young man named Rudel survive in a world where the world wants him dead for the sake of the protagonist?

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198 chapters
Prologue - Game start
Life always seemed boring to me, I spent my time working incessantly. Well it was to be expected since I couldn't get into college and not get a career. It was like any other Friday night. My job that looked like a promising company, turned out to be a devil in disguise, despite being part of the systems team I was put to move material as if I was part of the warehouse guys; today was the worst of all, my arms and legs were at the limit of their endurance. "I should quit, but I doubt anyone would hire someone without a higher education... besides the pay isn't bad when you live alone." As I dragged my body towards the train station which seemed empty, I received a text message. I pulled out my Smartphone and checked to see who the person was that was bugging me so late. "Let's see... ughh, she really has a lot of free time you can tell..." The message belonged to my annoying cousin who was asking me to help her finish an RPG ga
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Save 01 - New life in a new world
"I'm not dreaming am I?" I wiped my eyes with my shirt sleeve and then slapped myself several times to wake up. It didn't work. The sound of the wind in my ears was loud due to the large flying boat passing overhead. My breathing was loud at first, but as the seconds passed I calmed down and then said some strange words. "That was the biggest fishing boat I have ever seen so far." Those strange words came out of my mouth and oddly enough, they didn't cause me any astonishment, the great shock at seeing a floating boat faded away as I remembered what had happened to me before I woke up on the small lake. (I had come with father to a viscount's estate to try to bond with his daughter, but I never found him and somehow got lost and fell into that lake). That was what I remembered, but as I walked toward where the fence ended looking for the estate, those words continued to seem strange to me. "Father?" "Viscount?"<
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Save 02 - Lost Item
It has been seven years since I was reincarnated in this world, unofficially I have only seven years old; but my actual age is fifteen, it feels horrible to be this age again. Apparently in this strange and bizarre fantasy world you are considered an adult at this age, my older brother, Lyle, told me that the children of the nobility had a debut in society before the age of thirteen, after that age it would be shameful to have one. But we didn't have one since we were not considered part of it. It feels sad to be marginalized just for being poor. My older siblings are currently in their respective academies. Bram, is in the academy for future knights ´which I will also attend´ while, Lyle, being the next head of the household attended the royal academy of the kingdom, after finishing his schooling he will go to prepare himself to go to the military academy. I feel a little sorry for him as he left in tears. After they moved out of the house, I thought
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Save 03 - Royal Academy of Altfode
It had been four months since Rudel left and did not return. It was late afternoon and there were four people inside the Bradford Household. One of them was the head of the house, Walt, his wife Sonia, his daughter Pola and a very round, bald, short man with an odd pointed mustache. That man was Baron Lebron, he was here to pick up Rudel after his seventeen month journey. He was very upset as he did not go straight to his territory but to the neighboring territory. "So, Bradford-dono. I thought we had made a deal and it seems you broke that promise." -exclaimed the plump man. Rudel's father, Walt, was in a cold sweat as he had made a promise to deliver his son to him in exchange for this man paying his debts, but said son had left home to make a name for himself as an adventurer and thus, save his skin. "Y-You see, baron. It's just that my son, he went out on adventures... and you know that when young people decide that, there's nothing that c
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Save 04 – The villain Rudel
After leaving the auditorium I quickly made my way to the front desk where all the students left their belongings. Upon entering there were several students lined up, I stood behind a guy and waited my turn a little anxiously.It was the turn of the boy in front of me, he said his name and presented a piece of paper with a number on it that was used to mark everyone's belongings. After receiving his things he left and it was my turn at last, but I was pushed aside by a boy in a white uniform."I am the heir of Count Leto, I demand my belongings and those of my vassals this instant.""Yes!!!"After he white-uniformed student introduced himself, the receptionist handed his things to him and his entourage.I watched them leaving the place in a pretentious manner, I approached the receptionist whose face of dread was removed for one of annoyance the moment he saw me."I-I'm Baron Bradford and I've come for my things."The receptionist wat
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Save 05 – The protagonist, the heroine and the villainess
Youth is wonderful some say, as someone going through his second youth I wanted to insult them and call them liars. But at this moment I can't contradict them for a reason."Rudel-san, good morning.""Ah, good morning, Irisdina."The girl who suddenly appeared behind me is a commoner named Irisdina. We met after saving her from some dudes and she appeared to me afterwards to thank me, I thought she wanted to set me up, but it didn't turn out to be like that.I felt a little bad for badmouthing her and after tasting her cookies that weren't poisoned I found out that she's really good at baking (cookies)."Rudel-san, how did you do on your exams?""I tried my best since I was busy organizing meetings that no one goes to.""I-I understand, it must be very difficult for the boys.""No, I think only for me it is, I don't see anyone else suffering like me."I was heading to the bulletin board to look at my notes and happened t
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Save 06 – Hungry beast
"Rudel-san, watch out!!!""I saw it!!!"I swung my sword at a half monkey half cat creature coming from high above, the creature was cut in half and the guts and blood were coming out like a broken pignata. After a few seconds without moving the strange creature began to decompose and turn to ashes."I've been with this one for eight and it's barely been ten minutes since we came in here!!!"I was saying to Irisdina who was behind me. We were both wearing leather clothing as armor and carrying weapons. The reason was because of something that happened a few days ago.◇◇◇Once again I was holding a meeting for people to meet Baron Bradford, but it turned out to be a misfortune as usual, but I didn't care since there was a reason that made it special."Rudel-san, today's tea and snacks are very delicious. ♡""I'm glad that's the case, I had to order them a week in advance since the order store is always full.""I-I underst
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Save 07 – Reasons to fight
It has been four months since classes started and we are just a few days away from the end of the semester and the beginning of the vacations.A week before the end of semester exams a dance is held, to show the students what they have learned in etiquette class.The general ballroom was such a huge place that it took up an entire building on the west side, where the Lunar Light dormitory was located.The decorations, servants, food, and musicians were some of the finest I could imagine. Lyle - my stupid older brother - told me about this celebration when we were still in our territory.This party was meant to not only celebrate a final, but also to give students a chance to socialize with those of higher status and marriage proposals. All the young people who were here were four of the five classes. I would try my best to try to hook up with someone of high status or some girl of viscount rank, but my luck was always foul."Hah? You're just a mise
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Save 08 – Battler
At the end of the exams, a small tournament called the "inter-school" is held.It consists of various combat rounds so that students who have mobile knights, can demonstrate their strength in simulated combat for their future on the battlefield.I was on the outskirts of the place wearing a kind of tights suit that fit my body, it was black like my hair, but with several red lines on the joints. I had a black jacket of the same type as my clothes.The intended stage was a small coliseum, the maximum capacity is a thousand people. There is an entrance large enough for a war band to march inside and get out without any problems.I was waiting for a certain item that was due to arrive hours ago, but it wasn't showing up."Ngh... You really are late, you know?"I was saying to Ixion who was standing next to me."I told you he was going to be delayed because of traffic. Do you think something that big will be here right away just because y
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Save 09 – Hypocrite justice
The referee was talking about the terms of the duel, Ixion was listening to them since I didn't care.I could hear the people in the stands booing me and wanting me to lose to see the next fight.They really are the worst."Master, the referee finished dictating the legal rules, I will make sure to follow them, even if I don't want to in fact.""You're an automaton who just wants to do harm.""I hate the descendants of the new humanity, they are not worthy to carry the blood of their ancestors, that includes you."This little scrap is a...""Hey."A voice suddenly sounded, it was my opponent."I suggest you give up, you are not my opponent to give my maximum effort to.""... ""This guy, you can tell he likes to talk.""Very well, the duel can begin at any time. It's time to bring out my best weapon.""Ixion! Give me my best weapon.""Understood."From the gigantic backpack, a ho
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