Chapter 17

“Aaaàaaaàaaaaa” “Aaaàaaaàaaaaa” Clarris kept screaming and tearing through the glass windows of her dark castle. Darrell felt his ears wet, he placed his fingers into his ears, removed them, and saw blood.

Cleselda yelled at Clarris to shut up. But Clarris turned and looked at her furiously, “you lied to me….. you lied to me!”

“Child, do not call me a liar, you disobeyed my orders, we need knights…” Cleselda reminded her.

“Shut up! I made a promise a long time ago,”

The witch moved over, “my child, promises are made to be broken. Plus the person you made that promise to is already dead, he died centuries ago.”

“No!” Clarris yelled out.

“Clarris, you saw what happened, if it wasn't for the fact that you have no heart you would be dead by now. That thing aimed for your heart, it meant to kill you!”

Clarris moved to her bed and sat down, “he saw my house without permission, he looked into my eyes without fear. I have read all the books about Nemos and water was their weakness but to h
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