Vengeance of the wild soul

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Vengeance of the wild soul

By: Ritaa Rae OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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I struggled on my feet. But my weakness brought me against the ground. He brought out his Claus and shoved it in my rib, making blood gushed out my mouth. I screamed in terror and pain,realizing there was no escape to death. giving up now doesn't mean you are weak sometimes is better to let it go. But my killer shall reap what he sole, which is death. ***** A reincarnated priestess who was killed by a demon in her past life, led her life as a normal girl in the city. But after she remembered the long forgotten memories of her past, she took a dangerous step ahead. But how did she became a Mate to a Demon who was said to be a legend, a man who hated her very existence.

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Unforgettable night
Kirochi POVI ran in tears breathlessly. He was coming after me, Demon Tika finally succeeded in deceiving me. I will never spare him a chance to kill me.Even if the road lead to hell, I will run till the very end; Just to save myself and my unborn child.It hurt that the person you actually need doesn't need you, but needed to witness your doom and death.Blood dripped down from my shoulders and my bare feet stained the grass with blood. I struggled to get out of the village, before things escalated. I never want to stand a chance to be killed by a demon.I need to be alive for the sake of the village, for the sake of the tukira tree and for my unborn child.I was barely able to see past the tears and wind clinging my eyes. I trip on a step, crying out as I lost my balance and tumbled; falling down the hills of Surili, obtaining scratches and bruises on my skin."You can't run from me! you can't hide either!" A voice groaned from behind.It was demon Tika, the man I once loved. H
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Unknown truth
The Tukira tree was an ancient tree, planted by an ancient priestess in the village of Surili, during the demised fall of their village.The Ancient tree purifies the village from evil and glows up at night; symbolizing the strength of the powers and life the priestess possess.The power moved on from generation to generation till the last priestess was born.Many years later, a powerful hybrid Known as Athan recently got transfer to the Legacy college.He possess powers unknown to human and could kill them without laying a finger on them. While Ivy, the recanated priestess of kirochi, led her life as a normal girl in the city and also a student of the legacy college.Athan POVThe school was a bit weird and a bit different from a normal school.The pictures of the missing students of legacy, increased in the school report board each and every single day. No one could point out what was the cause of their disappearance. After school, I strolled down the hallway with my hands deep
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Satura was a fierce demon puppet controlled by demon Tika.The demons were sent by their master to feed on the students."Stay away from her!"Athan groaned with a shrilled voice."You just landed your self in hell human" the demon squealed.Athan clenched his fist and devoured the demon with a strike and turned his gaze at Ivy, who seems a bit traumatized by the whole scene."Let leave!" He said with a husky voice and held her up her feet.Ivy could feel the sound of her heartbeat through her entire body.She ran to the door but was stopped by his voice."You can't go out there looking like that. Besides they are more of them out there, and the blood of the demon is stained on your shirt. To be on the safe side, you have to take them off." He uttered.Ivy POVI chewed on my lower lips and tried to make words, but don't know what to say. so I just shut my mouth and watched as he came closer and closer.His eyes squinted at me and his hair was messy. His eyes changed back and forth bet
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Athan POVKnowing demons are behind the attacks of the missing students, wasn't a surprise.I suspected similar thing.I drove my self to my parent place and demanded lot of answers from them.I opened the door and got a tight hug from my mum, she is my life and everything."You didn't tell us you were coming over. This is such a pleasant surprise."she uttered in excitement.Nice to see you again"I said,curving a smile on my face."feels good to have you back. How is your studies"my dad smiled, coming closer to my direction."I didn't come here to discuss about my studies!"I groaned."Have a seat dear, I will prepare your favorite meal"my mum uttered, changing the topic."No need to do that, I am not hungry"I blurted and sat on the couch with my leg Crossed."what wrong son? why the sudden attitude.?" my mum questioned." Enough! stop acting like you care!"I groaned and lowered my gaze to the floor."Don't dare talk to your mother in that manner, don't forget she is your mother"My fat
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Black rose
I closed my eyes pretty tight; Ignoring the sound. But the sound keeps getting into my head.I recalled what happened earlier, which made my fear grew stronger."Athan!"I yelled,hoping he could hear me. The fear of being alone seems more like a night mare.I don't wanna die!"I yelled.The light turned on, and my gaze turned to Athan who stood at the entrance of the door."There's a knock on my window Athan,Someone or something is stalking me"I scoffed."You mean that"he uttered, pointing at the window. To my surprise, it just an old tree branch, blown by the wind; causing it to hit the glass window repeatedly."I..I thought it__"I stuttered "A demon"he interrupted"Please don't mention that at night, I....I'm scared." I signed as sweat dripped down my chin."You can stay at my room, if you want"he smirked and walked to his room.I held him tight on his arm and followed him."After what happened yesterday, don't you find me scary?"He broke the long silent and gaze at me with fury."
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Two heart
Are you okay ivy?" Sera asked while coming close to me, but i fainted before she could reach me.I opened my eyes slowly and met Athan beside me. His face like the moon , pale and somehow wavering. I could get the gist of his features, but none of it stuck in my mind, beyond an impression of extreme beauty. His long hair wafted around him like black smoke, Its tendrils curling and moving of it own volition. "Where am I? What happened to me?"I asked as I narrowed my eyes."You are at my place. you passed out in school. Why did you freak out?"He asked as he Knotted his eyebrows."Am next Athan, Whoever killed Anita is after me. I...I don't wanna die."I cried out giving him a tight hug."Relax am here for you, noting would harm you ivy"He whispered and gave a tight hug."You haven't eaten, what would you like to eat?he asked in a low tone." not hungry Athan. I need noting else, but you by my side."I wailed.He widened his eyes by my word, and couldn't
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Random colours
I leaned close to him and locked my lips on his lips, which made him gasped in surprise.His dark hair was cropped and it showed off the striking symmetry of his face. I held his cheeks with my hand, caressing and smooching his soft skin.He uncapped his lips from mine and gaze into my eyes.You still haven't tell me"He groaned and gave no expression. Not until Tamika intrude our conversation. Oh! did I interrupt your conversation?" She asked, giving a nervous reaction."Yes, we were having a private conversation, you should have at least knock"I scoffed."She is my cousin, she doesn't need to knock before coming in."He uttered."I just kissed him, but got no reaction. He is more bothered about his cousin.Does he even have a heart? seems he is an emotionless kind of person."I muttered. Tamika hugged and gave him a kiss on his cheeks."I bought a presence for you Athan"she said putting on a cute smile."And what could that be?"He asked has he curved a smile. "Since you love jacke
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Dark truth
I couldn't deny the fact I was tensed and shocked at same time. I couldn't believe hybrid like this existed. "Do you "Do I match down to your taste?"I ask without moving my gaze from his. He curved a smile and transformed to his initial form and left the room without saying a word. I had no hint of what could be going on his mind; I was so clueless.Suddenly, heavy wind blew across the room, the weather was quite fine the last time I checked. Why the wind?"I muttered, heading straight to close the window. I screamed after sighting a lady in front of me. Athan!"I screamed hard, taking a step backward."Who are you? please stay away from me?"I cried out."Stay away from her! If you have any issue face me"he groaned. "I'm priestess katana, I bring no harm"She uttered and walked towards my direction. " Then what brings you here?"Athan questioned with clenched fist." really came back sis, am really glad"She said with happiness written over her face."Sis? I don't know yo
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Slivers lining
He suddenly stopped and turned to his initial form. He blushed her hair behind her ears."You were ready to give your self to me, even without knowing how i felt about you"He uttered giving a sided smile.I just needed to see your body and noting more"He smirked."Why are you doing this"She uttered as tears stream down her cheeks, using the blanket to cover her self."You just made me look like a fool, you such a jerk Athan"She scoffed and gave him a tight slap on his face."Tell me! why the fuck do you misbehave with me?"She yelled, as anger burned through her eyes."I was trying to mark you, cause I don't wanna make a mistake of losing you to someone but_"He Stuttered.Ivy gasped, highly surprise of what he just said."But what" Ivy scoffed.I can't, cause the demon in me his more desperate than I'm"He signed."But do you lo__" She suddenly stopped facing the right side of the bed."I rather be alone than having you by my side" She muttered as tears run down her cheeks."You hav
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The petal pendant
Athan POVI almost lost my mind, after finding out she didn't went back to are current apartment."Where is Ivy ?"Sera asked glaring at me coldly."You mean she ain't here?" I questioned,Running my hand through my hair, with confusion stinging the deepest part of me."She left my place earlier; so I thought of checking her here," I said calmly; trying not to burn the furious anger in me."Wait....You made her walk all by her self, did you do anything to her? did you hurt her?"she questioned.I could hear what she was thinking, and was clear she knew her whereabout.But needed to hear it from her lip to be satinly sure. But her nagging question didn't give me the opportunity to speak. I raged in anger, grabbing her by the wrist."It none of your business, just tell me where else she goes apart from here?"I groaned"She....she mi..might be at her parent place"sera stammered, staring into his magnificent eyes.He took a deep breath and loosened his hand from hers. "sorry...I hurt you,
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