Chapter 31

“Since when did you care about us you filthy witch?” Lotus yelled at her, pissed.

“Hey hey we now have a common enemy, of course, I do not care about you, and After we work together I will continue where I left off with the curse,” Clarris reminded them.

“Please Omen allow me to kick her head and where is her useless body?”

“ lost in time, and Cleselda and Darrell betrayed her, she is all alone,” Omen replied in a teasing voice

Marcus and Lotus looked at each other and burst out laughing just to taunt Clarris. The woman that had caused their parents hell for centuries was nothing but a head and all abandoned.

Clarris turned her eyes away trying to hide all the shame that was building up. No matter how hard she tried to hide it, her situation was still pathetic.

In Deadman's Forest, Princess Else got back to the burning tree terrified, “they burnt them, they burnt them all!” she cried out….. “They have a flute that can make Omen sleep, my father is planning to make a lot of them,” sh
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