Order Killer

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Order Killer

By: KaGen OngoingFantasy

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Humanity needed the orders to live in peace... But some of them were corrupted. Danesh Jiwa was fighting against the evil lurking in the shadows to protect humanity. Against the evil created by a treacherous organization and invincible monsters hidden in order. Syndicate... The treacherous organization that betrayed humanity and infiltrated everywhere. They were corrupting the order... And Roots... Bloodthirsty beings from another world... The masterminds of the corruption... Danesh had decided that this order had to change... Humanity had two options. They would keep going to live in this corrupted order or they would rebel and fight with him against the evil...


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128 chapters
World order, which was hosting a calm and ordinary life, had soon turned into a complete chaos state and non-human beings were starting to appear in some locations of the world... And with the emergence of these evil beings, some humans with unnatural powers, who had been hiding in society for many years, also appeared and began to fight against them on behalf of humanity... *** Bursa City, Turkey *** For several days, Turkey had been under attack by monsters, skeletons, and similar inhuman beings led by The Roots, who have come from outside of the world and infiltrated humanity. The authorities of the city of Bursa, with a population of four million, had approved the entry of hundreds of thousands of frightened citizens from other provinces into the city. Countless people who came from out of the city just to be safe were being placed in hotels and tents in this <Safe Zone>. There were three road routes north, west, and
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A Kind Hearted Man: Danesh
*** Two months later ***As it was the last day of the project he was working on, Danesh was trying to focus on his work, trying to ignore the distracting gossip of his close friend."Hey, man, did you hear the latest news?""What is it now, Mikhail?""What's this reaction, man? You learn everything in this factory thanks to me. You should be grateful, Danesh."" OK, man, tell it, I'm kinda busy, as you see."" OK, do you remember Amina in the Financial Department? There is a rumor that she's in love with...""Cut this, Mikhail! She is married. It's gossip, not news.""But, listen, hey..."Danesh, who has a nature that respects people's privacy, stood up and walked away to avoid hearing the continuation of the subject. After going to the bathroom and washing his face, he looked thoughtfully into his own blue eyes for five seconds in the mirro
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Last Calls From The Beloved Ones
*** One hour before the invasion *** Danesh left the building of the factory. He put a cigarette in his mouth but his friends came before lighting it. "Hey, dude, is it true?" Mikhail rushed over to Danesh in a panic. "I won't tell you a new shocking notice, gossip girl" Danesh smiled. "How can you joke about this, man, what was the reason?" Another friend of Danesh asked. "Do I have another option, my friend?" "It was my mistake". The same security guard came around them. After Amina joined them, they had a short and warm farewell chat, and Danesh left the workplace never to return. He went to his 2000 model Proton Waja car, took one last look around with a smile on his face, and got in, but it didn't start. He took a deep breath, lit another cigarette, an
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Broadcast for a New World
These spyware codes that hacked online devices all over the world were unlike any other...   They were generated by a special man... The creator called these codes <The Last Shot>, which he developed for a special disposable job. It was a one-way ticket. He had produced this for only a short time to reach all of humanity.   However, he was unaware that <The Last Shot> had been stolen from him by a dark organization.   <The Last Shot> was triggered by them. It began to expand on interactive systems, invading the entire network system around the world.   Whole interactive devices have been hacked by it in the U.S.A. Pentagon, The White House, NASA, digital screens on Times Square, the screens on the shopping malls, the latest models of televisions in houses, all cellphones... The whole U.S.A was on alert...   It was the same in Europe...All devices' connections we
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Counterattack Begins: The Military Appears
Motorcyclists were riding straight to Danesh. More than ten motorcyclists, all dressed in uniform gray motorcycle helmets and biker suits, pulled their guns with their right hands and continued to ride towards him. The perpetrators could have easily killed the Danes by continuing their attack with helicopters, but their aim was not just murder but complete humiliation. Motorcyclists started firing their mini-uzi-type semi-automatic weapons. Instead of running away, Danesh started to run directly at them. His enemies were trying to shoot him and control their motorcycle at the same time, but as Danesh was on foot, he was free to move and took advantage of that. As he ran, he made several circles, jumping into the air, doing a flip, and kicking the first motorcyclist's head with the sole of his foot. While the biker was flying backward from the effect of the impact, he dropped his
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Danesh's Faith: Beginning Ceremony of the New World
Unlike the others, a new motorcycle rider who was wearing a yellow biker suit and helmet, whose body shape turned out to be a woman, appeared and came to the creature. The creature had pierced Danesh's body in countless places with its tentacles, keeping his body still suspended in the air, causing blood to spill everywhere. Speakers on the air started to make announcements again. "What's this, Yube?" "I am not sure but do not get tricked by its appearance, Nube. That creature is a helper, it is clear." "You are right, Yube. We captured the most terrible villain in the world thanks to it." "Is he still alive?" "It seems like that, Yube. Our watchers are not happy, in my opinion. They think this was too easy for him." "I agree, Nube. Then, let's give a chance to our love
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Chaos In The World
Humanity did not have a chance to understand what was going on, as all the screens in the world went black for a short time and then started showing the battlefield again. Malaysia's AH141 highway that hosted the assassination and the small screen with the golden masked attack leaders were active again, but there was chaos on both screens. There was also a difference in the broadcast. There was no longer a broadcast from the helicopter in the air, it was understood from the shooting point of view that the recording was taken by someone who was on the ground. Changes on the battlefield could now be observed as the camera was moved continuously in an amateur manner. Helicopters stolen from the army and used by the perpetrators had crashed on the ground and were burning in flames. They had been attacked. Some of the motorcyclists had been killed and some had been taken as prisoners.
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Battle on Dark Web
All battles have ended... The broadcast has finished...Humanity has calmed down now.   But there has been another war inside the e-world and people were not aware of this. It was on the Dark Web.   There were many different dangerous groups, such as those who pursue shady actions, those who seek opportunities to harm people or states, those who seek money...   Some of the groups were only in there for knowledge. They were trying to find clues that were hidden by people or groups who were powerful, wealthy, dignitaries, monopolized in their field in the world. When the syndicate started attacking Danesh, some activated a communications server there. A group of eight hackers...   &%/787ddsf6fdf8!dfdsDFgFG - "What is this, man?"   DruidGallain - "I am only watching like you, they are making a show for the whole world now"   G - "These c
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Drive Hunt Begins
*** Mikhail's house *** Although Mikhail had quit smoking five years ago, he was smoking a cigarette taken from a pack he kept to serve to guests on the balcony of his home, where he lived alone. Like billions of people, he had watched the broadcast and prayed, but his close friend had died... Although he heard the sound of his phone starting to ring in the living room, he continued to smoke his cigarette and watch the sky with dull eyes, but every time his phone was turned off, it started to ring again. When the caller did not give up, he gave up and went to the living room and took the phone by looking at the screen. "HOLY FU.K!" He was in shock. <DANESH IS CALLING> This sentence was on the screen. He hesitated to answer because his friend was dead... Someone else was calling on his friend's phone. Who was he or she?
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Drive Hunt: Part Two
It was midnight... On the way home, Nur threw her phone into the chassis of a moving truck and got rid of it just as Danesh had said. Now she was just sitting on the balcony, observing and thinking... Her husband had left them twenty-three years ago, when Danesh was just 5 years old, without explanation. He was an alcoholic who constantly drank and abused them at home, so his disappearance was not a complete disaster for Nur. Afterward, she worked extra hard for her children, making Danesh an engineer and Putri a financial expert. Nur had raised her children well, they were good people, she knew that. A lot of terrible things happened in a few hours, but she knew it. Danesh was a good boy, she never believed what bad people said. The bell rang and she interrupted her thoughts and opened the door. "Hello, Ms. Nur. I am a friend of Danesh."&nbs
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