Chapter 43

After hours of failed persuasion, they all got tired, it was already nightfall and they were all hungry and tired.

“Soon Cleselda will find us arguing with this witch with no progress,” Lotus complained while pulling on Clarris's hair. Clarris tried to spit on him but Lotus quickly moved.

“It's pointless if she has never had a heart for centuries. How is she going to willingly help us,” Marcus replied, “Darrel, do you remember where the heart is?”

“Yes I remember Cleselda putting the heart in her tomb,” he replied “The tomb is in a cave in Deadman's Forest though I can't remember the exact location.”

“I'm sure she knows the place,” the Princess spat out, “give me a day alone with her and I will give her the hard slaps she deserves,” she added.

“I think let us all rest and tomorrow we will figure out how to get the heart with or without her help,” Darrell suggested to which they all agreed.

“Put me on Omen's back I… on his back,” Clarris ordered.

“No no no,” they all
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