That Time That I Got Reincarnated AsThe OP-iest Guild Master

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That Time That I Got Reincarnated AsThe OP-iest Guild Master


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Levis Conradd is the typical school bullied nerd. He was unwated and despised by many. He's the bullies lap dog and his schoolmates walking entertainment. His life had been chaotic and terrible as anyone could have imagined. But not until he died because of an upsetting incident that led him to be reincarnated into a world where magic, monsters, dungeons, and guilds exist — In Azterria. Where, "Those who govern the strongest regime over the weakest." A fantasy novel written by: TheGuyWithTheGlasses

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6 chapters
Prologue: The Beginning Where Am I?Why is it so dark?Why am I feeling like... I am drowning?Did I die because of that prank my classmate got me? Did they go overboard and really kill me this time?Ha... how depressing my life is. To die in a pathetic way…I wish I just said my last goodbye to my mother so I can rest with no regrets. She is the only being who really cares for me after all. I love her so much. Though, I can't tell her that anymore. I died in an accident in school that my bullies set up. I fell on the rooftop. One of my classmates accidentally pushed me. And now, I am really on the verge of dying.How pitiful I really am. I guess the world really hates me so much to the point it lets me end up in this way.Ha…It is getting darker and darker here. Where even I am though? I can't feel anything. All my senses are gone. I guess this is really the end for me — damn it. I can't even barely survive everyday in my half years of living because of my high school bullies and n
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Journey"W-Where am I?" I raspily asked myself when both my eyes opened.I forcefully lift myself from the floor of this strange place where I gain my conscious back and look all over to know where I am. And unbelievably, all just what I see is the total ruins of an old powerful empire buried in the ground. I reach my head and stare blankly in the air because of a massive dump of information that I need to digest all at once.'I-I can't believe this... this is totally unbelievable! I am totally reincarnated in another world just like the ego in my head is telling me a while ago when I'm on the midst of wishing to all Gods in heavens to give me a second chance to live! Damn! I think I need days to digest all of this in my head! I am getting crazy!''But wait... why does my body feel so light like I could run a marathon? Wait... don't tell me...'I break my staring contest in the air and crawl over to a nearby well to find my own answer to my questions. And when I just have
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Level Up[Kai! Request granted. To be able for the hatchling to level up and get stronger without risking its life, the system found a bonus monster ground in the Great City of Olyzeria.]My eyes widened because of excitement for what the system just said. I blinked a few times before uttering anything to the system."R-Really system? There is a bonus ground on this floor that I can use to level up my status?!" I asked with full of excitement too. Because if my memories are still right, based on the manga's I've read, the monster bonus ground that the system says to me, is a rare hunting ground of weak monsters in the dungeon that give good benefits and stats onced raided.It is like a buffet for an adventurer like me if the system telling me is true because I can get stronger easily there!'Ha ha ha! I think this is the payment of my goodness in my previous life. The world is giving me so much favor now to be able to survive! I love it! Thank you!''Though, if the world is
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Ally or Foe"Thunderbolt!""Thunderbolt!""Thunderbolt!"[Kai! You've slain the Golden Slimes of Aztect. Congratulations!][Level up! Level up! Level up! Level up! Level up! Level up! Level up!]'How long have I been repeatedly doing this? Almost a day? Or two? Three? Four? I don't know. I didn't bother to count the days since I've been resurrected. I just keep killing and killing these slimes that are also continuously respawning everywhere. Their numbers are not decreasing even though I almost defeated half of their kin. And due to that, my status is also continuously progressing.''Though, I lost the count of my progress so I don't know how much I've become since then and now. I didn't bother to check either. I am so preoccupied with the thought of killing all the slimes in my sight. So the only thing that I know now is that I am really different from the day I got resurrected.'"Ha," I breathed heavily. I wiped the sweat that formed on my forehead and let my lightning s
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4: To Live"Who? Me?" I blinked a few times and pointed at myself. However, the man I was speaking with did not respond and simply stared at me, stunned.And when he still looks at me with a full shocked expression. I take a long breath.'What's wrong with this handsome green baldy? Why is he still shocked? Is it really surprising to be able to defeat a pact of hell dogs on your own? Is it really a high-end monster that has left him dumbfounded?'[Kai! Hell dogs is a powerful beast that lives in the depths of Aztect's Labyrinth. With their razor-sharp teeth, metal-like skin, and high agility, it normally takes a party of five high-class adventurers to kill one.]'I see... Now I understand why this green bald guy was still in shock after what he saw. Even if I were in his position, I would be surprised if a being capable of killing five high-end monsters appeared out of nowhere in my face.''From what happening, my curiosity about my status has grown even stronger. After dealin
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5: PartyAfter I used my healing spell on him. Before leaving him, I made sure his back was properly supported by the rock wall. Because, as I previously stated, I have no intention of becoming acquainted with him or interfering in his life.I just wanted to intervene and save him because I thought it was the right thing to do. Aside from that, I have no other reason for getting involved with him.Plus, all of his injuries have healed, and I finished appraising him after healing, and the system said it won't be long before that guy regains consciousness, so I don't have to worry about leaving him alone inside a dungeon. And he seems really strong and tough to me, so I guess he'll be fine with just his own.Henceforth, after all those conviction thoughts. 'Why do I still seem worried about that stubborn guy?''I have already done my part and I must be content about it. It is not like--I can be friends with him or what. Because I'm sure that green-headed guy despises me after ev
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