Half of you, Vulcan!

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Half of you, Vulcan!

By: Zuxian CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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The three ladies (his daughter, maid and lover) want a half of him, but seriously, who divides a half into three? * * * Athena has given her words to her father that Vulcan, the mortal is better than every god, Zeus, her father formed and proposed that she marry. Because of that, she can't return to her father with shame and regret. She stands her ground, she will fight for who she loves. The Nymph will not back down, because all her life, she had only been a puppet to Athena's will, and taking her man will be the best comeback. Prium will not let Vulcan off her hook because she had left every thing she was and had back in the village because of him. Returning to the village is a 'NO'. And Vulcan? He holds them all in same regard because all of them have been useful in one way or the other. But deep down, the memories he has shared sexually and emotionally with Athena back in fantasy keeps reminding him of his love for her.

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92 chapters
Day 2. Earth. Rape?
        "Ma, father is awake."    His weary eyelids flickered firstly then flipped open like the pages of a book. He closed his eyes again after that call had waned out. Then the voice came again. Twas a wonder how the gentle, still, small and feminine voice persisted and kept the call coming.     He opened his eyes again. He couldn't confide in the sleep again. That was what it seemed like to him.    The last thing he remembered was that he was standing by the sea and was waiting for Athena. Then not long after, he had seen a lady standing in the waves, her back to him, few metres into the waters.     He had gone after the lady, calling at the name, ATHENA but the lady didn't look back at him. Then he had kept on walking till he got into the waves. He had kept walking on and fighting his way through the waves. The water had swallowed him up to his chest. &nb
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Day 2. Earth. Death Sentence
     "Here's the infidel. The unfaithful slut. The shameless bull. Now you've seen the peak of it all. You shall be beheaded for that treacherous act. No one is ready to take your flimsy excuse. Very obvious that you're prepared for the walk. Who knows if you stole the dress also."     "Enough! I won't have you speak to my father that way."      Prium's face was fiery. Her button nose seeming to burst into phlegm and smear the leader of the protesters in the face. She had been keeping her cool since the while and she couldn't help it anymore.    She noticed that she had gotten their attention. Plus she was certain that they were surprised to see her flare up. She wasn't like her sister. She didn't talk all the time. She was always silent but when she was ready to go rogue, not even the priest could stop her.      She continued, meaning to enflame her guts and give t
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Day 2. Noon. Beheaded.
       "Father!"   The gentle but concerned voice of Prium was borne by the idle winds to Vulcan who was tied to two great poles. He had been tied up by twisted twigs and ropes fashioned from silk.    There were two warriors standing before him. One with a spear in hand, and the other with a sword. Two others were behind him with whips used on horses.     The process was about to commence and the leader of the protesters was few metres away from him. A generous smile seated in his rough face. There was a grace in his gaze.     The spot of execution was an isolated field which was meant for the purpose. Twas usually at the outskirt of the village until the new king had a change. Then twas brought to the front of the Colosseum.     There was a ring of iron thorns made around the person to be executed and those who were to carry out the process. At the
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Interval - By the Sea ( Athena's call)
     "Isn't it barbaric to be that way. I was lost of words at the change of everything."    Vulcan complained, his face sharing its grace between the crashing waves and the hankering horizon. He felt like a new thunderbolt had hit him, because everything about had just changed. Though the feeling that succeeded it was quite soothing, probably extracted from the lady seated beside him on the shore. Athena.     After the supposed death on earth, he had met himself on the shore of that sea. That sea through which they had been borne by Leviathan to earth, to mark the end of their fantasy.     And in just the twinkling of an eye had Athena walked out of the waves and touched him from behind. He had hugged her so tightly that he wanted to force her boobs into his chest. He had kissed her so passionately that he had meant to cut her lips into his and own them forever.     After wh
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The stray Nymph
                "Where are you going to?"    The mother stood at the door eating her up with an odd ogle. You could tell by the gaze that she was as worried as vexed. But one of the feelings seemed to have a greater effect on the stare.     She didn't get a response. She had just prepared to go wash few of her clothes and return to the ring and retrieve the corpse of her husband but then her daughter had walked in, indifferently and was packing her clothes.    "Prium, talk to me!!! I remain your mother!"   That was as loudly and affirmative as she could be.    Prium stopped packing her clothes and stood up, she turned slightly and scoffed. Then she hurled,      "You ceased being that after you became a public dog."    The woman couldn't take it anymore and stomped closer to her. She grabbed Priu
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The lover boy
 The forest. Earth.     "Who are you and what do you want?"    Vulcan challenged, as he gained on his guts and moved closer to the lady standing at the mouth of the cave. He was jumpy but needed to gain an advantage on the excitement before twould make a mess of his wills.     Prium was behind him, clutched to him from behind, her arms wounded around his waist, her boobs firmly pressed on his back. He couldn't possibly have a boner. She was his daughter for fuck sake.     He ignored the thought and concentrated on the naked lady again.     She looked neat and her boobs handful, erected nipples and circular mounds. He tried as much as possible not to get distracted by them boobs. He didn't even have the courage to look down her stomach. He might be tempted to lay with her.      He fought his gaze on her face trying to figure out why twas taking her
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A Twist
      Same day. Earth.        "Begone I do not want to see you."   Prium shot as quickly as he could. The Nymph let him free of her hold and he fell on his face. He stood up with dirt lacing his nostrils. He cussed and stood tall beside the Nymph. He sideeyed her then back at Prium. He allowed himself to be distracted.      "Vulcan? Isn't he dead?"     He complained as soon as he noticed Vulcan. Vulcan didn't say a word, only watched, he knew his daughter would have a better response.      "From where did you hear that?"     Prium teased, though her face was a contradiction of the fear her heart held. One of the reasons they had meant to live in the forest was to hold back the news of Vulcan's life from the people. But now? The cat had been let out of the bag.     The man didn't allow himself to be foo
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Fool Miargos, fool him!
          Night.         "It's a wonder how quickly you returned from the game hunting."    Vulcan complemented, keeping his voice as low as he could. The stillness of the note permeated the room for a while as the golden rays which lit the room seemed to respond.     He was seated on his bed, the Nymph on hers, while Prium was lying. Twas their dinner time but Prium had only had a little bite of the meat. Vulcan had been ignoring her. He wanted to see how long he could go doing that.       The Nymph smiled at his question and threw in his face,     "The ways of the Nymphs are odd to mortals."   Vulcan made a joke of it though there were a bazillion meanings he could read to it.     "And how'd you come about this room?"    Vulcan teased again. He sure knew how mysterious Nymphs could b
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Taunt Me...
    The Next day. A strange forest. A vision.        "Where do you take me?"    Vulcan tried as much as possible to keep calm and tame the rage swelling in the depth of his consciousness. He wanted to lay his hands on it but it seemed rather remote so he quit giving it a try and kept hurrying to catch up with the lady.        "Athena, speak to me."      His voice keen and demanding. Twas dusk in the forest, and the cawing Ravens were beginning to give him the creep. He could hear the call of the crickets and the hooting of owls in distance. He tried to concentrate, not to be swooped by fear of the unknown.     The last thing he remembered was that Ayla had made them form a circle then there was gloom, a thick darkness. And after he had been suspended in the gnawing void for a while, he had found himself in that forest.     He ha
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"Let's live in a tree"
      The cave. Earth.       "It's obviously not safe in here anymore."     Vulcan started, his back to the cold wall of the cave. There was this current send down his spines by the coziness. But on the contrary, it seemed like he was suspended in the air. Probably by some forces he had no literal definition for.      "We can still stay. No place is safe on earth. You make it safe. I could set fire around this place. Gnawing flames that would burn every now and then and scare away both spirits and human threats. I could also make this cave disappear. Twill only be visible to us alone. Or I could --"    "Thank you, Ayla. Let's give nature a say. Let's be practical."     Vulcan had shot at Ayla to quit the proposals, not because Prium was eating her up with a glare but because even he didn't want to have to always watch his back.   &n
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