Chapter 47

Cleselda walked to the recovery room furiously, following behind her, was the Emperor fuming. They both entered the recovery room and found the General walloping in pain.

Cleselda quickly placed her hand on his head and chanted some words over and over again then she stopped.

“Move aside,” she ordered the emperor, the emperor moved and to his surprise, the general stood up and began transforming into a larger than normal hideous half man half beast.

“What have you…..?” he asked Cleselda in a terrified voice.

“Like I said your Knights are useless, they need an upgrade,” Cleselda replied.

The hideous general roared out with furry, its entire body was covered with burns while his head had one protruding horn and one eye. The left eye was completely burnt out in the fire. He had long crawls and sharp canine teeth that hung out of his mouth.

“Kneel my son,” Cleselda said out like a proud mother.

The General knelt, “Go and kill the one that gave you these scars, go and avenge yourself my s
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