Chapter 50

“Of course, the body is supposed to be alive,” Marcus stated as he moved away

“What do we do?” Lotus asked.

“Put the head back, I assume,” Marcus replied and ordered his brother to stay guard of Clarris's body while he turned back to where he had left Clarris.

He walked back but noticed there was no sign of Clarris, he called out her name but there was silence. “Shit!” he yelled and ran to his brother. “She is gone!”

“What? Where?” Lotus asked.

“She is not where I left her!”

Lotus laughed out, “come on where would she probably go without legs, she is probably hiding somewhere,” he stated. “Grab this other part of her, we look for the useless head,” he added.

“You grab her, why should I be the one,” Marcus replied.

“Because you are the eldest.”

“Seriously you are going to use the age thing on me!” Marcus replied.

“Okay let's grab her together,” Lotus suggested and they both agreed and went for the arms but both got hard kicks.

“What?” Lotus yelled and tried to grab her again but Marc
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