Chapter 61

“He is recovering, Cleselda burnt him,” Omen replied.

“I dealt with Cleselda and being your mother I have to deal with that other useless witch!” the Naga replied.

“I love her mother,” Omen replied.

The Naga realized that there was no way of getting through to her son, in split seconds she spat a sleeping spell on him but Omen saw it coming and whirlded it towards his brother who fell asleep within split seconds.

This enraged the Naga and she grabbed him in an effort to get to Clarris but Omen pushed her and she fell to the ground in humiliation. Omen ran to her but she disappeared. She was so mad, she knew one on one Omen was more powerful than her and he could see every move she made. There was only one way of stopping his nonsense. She teleported to the day she gave birth to him, alone in the middle of the jungle. She was so tired when he came out of her on that day that she lost consciousness.

She walked over to the crying little Omen and lifted him off herself, a tear dropped wh
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