The Rise of an Alpha Were-Jaguar

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The Rise of an Alpha Were-Jaguar

By: Ryker OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Being born a WereCat in a werewolf community is equivalent to an abomination. So when Jason is born a WereCat after getting the Feline gene from his father's side, his parent even hide the truth from him and everyone else in the Pack. When his Cat starts talking to Jason, he thinks he is running mad but his father explains everything to him, killing his thoughts of him being a human. Now. He is pressured with the secret of his true identity. Nobody must find out and HE MUST NOT SHIFT. It was all going well until he shifts to save him and his cousin's life. Then his life takes a drastic turn. This book tells of how Jason gets banished, and how he finds love, rises from a cast out Omega to the rank of an Alpha.


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79 chapters
Chapter 1
THE FULL MOON period lasted 2 to 3 days depending on the time of the year. It was the only time the wolves were free to wander about and howl to their content and satisfaction.The wolves of London were evolved and civilised, so some human children ran side by side with their wolf friends during some nights. They would run through the woods, chase rabbits. Then they would find themselves to the knob of a hill and with the alpha starting, all the other wolves would howl loud and long. Nose pointed to the moon and tail flat on the floor. The human children who had ran with their werewolf friends would stay back at the foot of the hill – for the hill was sacred grounds for the wolves – and shiver. Maybe because of the cold. Maybe because of the long, low soul-wrenching howl that all the wolves made into a melodic unity. The human children would cluster together and wonder why the lycan gene had skipped them. Even if they had werewolves parents. Even if their siblings had the lycan gene
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Chapter 2
I CLOSED MY eyes and listened carefully, I could hear the faint snapping of twigs. I knew Jake was nearby. I opened my eyes and crawled forward silently into a thick shrub of bushes. I heard another rustle before my 9 year old cousin leapt out from behind me. He laughed as he thought he had caught me by surprise but my reflexes were sharp and I twisted and we collided head-on.He was a wolf so his jump was strong and high. We rolled down the path, tumbling and swallowing dirt on the way. We crashed into a tree and struggled to get up. I must have broken some bones but I got up just fine and helped Jake to his feet. I was older than him by almost 5 months. We were cousins, he was the son of the pack’s alpha and he was a werewolf, whereas the lycan gene has skipped me and jumped to my younger brother, Harry who was just five. “Jason?” Jake called, holding unto me hand.“Hmmm?”“You’re my best friend in the whole world and when I become alpha, you’d be my right hand man.”I laughed at
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Chapter 3
"DO YOU KNOW what this is?” Arthur asked, dropping a flower on Jake's desk. I scooted my chair over and stretched my neck to see the flower properly. It was a strange one. I didn’t recognize it. It was yellow with a little greenish hue at the tips of each petals. Jake’s face was blank. Other boys from our class gathered around too. “It’s not yet Valentine’s day, Arthur... and we’re not gay. Take away your flower.” Mart, the class jester, yelled. We all burst out laughing, Arthur’s face turned red as he grabbed the flower and shook it in our faces. “Have any of you seen this before?” Our joy mellowed as we saw how angry he was. “It’s a morteaux flower, fools.” He continued, his voice was high. Morteaux, I had heard of the flower somewhere... Morteaux!!I was the first to grasp it. “B-but it doesn’t grow in our territory” I said, stammering a little bit.Arthur’s face changed from anger to triumph now that we were taking him a lot more serious. “it doesn’t grow around us.” He sai
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Chapter 4
JAKE GROWLED LOUDLY. His hackles rose making him look bigger than he actually was. I don't think that it fooled the Vampires, though. Because they all sneered and laughed. “Do y’all perceive that?” The lead vampire asked his mates. They all sniffed and laughed again. They looked like something from a horror movie. “That’s the scent of an alpha blood, am I right?” They all nodded and cheered. “Stay back.” I commanded in what I hope was a strong voice. “Lee, Bruce and I on the wolf. Now.” Before I could blink, a vamp leapt at me. Jake barrelled it out of the way like an oncoming truck, just before it got to me. He took a large chunk off the vamp's throat. The vamp twitched once then lay still and desiccated. Three left. “Change of plans!” shouted the lead Vampire.The vampire Lee slammed me into a tree. As I struggled to get up, I pulled out a knife from my ankle but still hid it from sight. Vampires are extremely hard to catch up with. I glanced around me. He was nowhere to be s
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Chapter 5
THERE WERE A group of creatures whose jobs are to study the world’s population. They constantly watch the ripple of life for a new sign of life. They knew the exact number of Vampires, Werewolves and all other creatures. They knew when a new human has been turned into a Vampire. They know when a new wolf has been born. They are a special group of Feys, specially chosen and trained to perform this hectic task efficiently. Each new magical creature starts a ripple in the life crystal. Only Feys with trained eyes can detect the ripple of a wolf from that of a Centaur or an Elf, so when a new ripple started out, they weren’t so surprised until they studied it more. This was not one of a Vampire or an Elf, neither was it one of any other creature of mistake like a giant or dwarf. It was very much like that of a Werecat but not exactly.A new kitten hasn’t been born in over a century, The other species saw to that by killing of 99% of the Cats population. They looked at the ripple once
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Chapter 6
“ALPHA JAMIE MORTON of the North London pack. It’s a pleasure, as well as a surprise to see you here.” A watcher stepped forward, extending his hand. “Same could be said about you, Alyssé.” Jamie said, taking the outstretched hand reluctantly. “What are you doing here?” “Same could be said about you, Alpha.” Alyssé said, echoing what Jamie had just said.“Touché. Well, this happened on my border. So it’s just natural that I find out what occurred here. Answer my question now, what are you doing here?” Alyssé’s eyes went behind Jamie to where the young man who had brought them here and Claude was standing. Without turning to face them, Jamie raised his voice and said to the man, “Go to the settlement, boy. Let my wife that I might be late. And tell her to instruct everyone inside right now. And then you go home.” “Yes alpha.” He said and ran in the direction of the stream. “Now, you can answer me.” Alyssé was still hesitant to answer as his eyes still shifted to Claude who was
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Chapter 7
Elder Vampires. The original Vampires. Shit! “They’re WHAT?! How the hell did you know that?” I said, my breath catching in my throat as we stumbled forward. “How the hell did i know what?” Jake asked beside me, he thought I was talking to him.“Not you... the crazy cat in my head.” I replied. “Answer me.” We have memories, you fool. Long term memories that can be passed through generations. It’s not something I can explain. “They’re elder Vampires. Apparently, they can walk under the sun.” I told Jake what I just knew. “I’ve read about them somewhere... I think.” “We have to cross the stream. Come on.” I pulled him into the water as we sloshed our way through. “You know, there might be a brigde up ahead. Or some hopping stones.” I ignored him. We were already knee deep in water and still going deeper but the stream was not so wide. “Hurry up!” I said, holding my bag above my head. “You know... now that I think of it, it might not have been a Vampire.” “What?!”We both tur
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Chapter 8
“DO YOU KNOW what this is?” Jake asked, dropping the heart on Arthur’s desk, the next day at school. We were at the science laboratory, waiting for our teacher to arrive. The boys crowded round again. There were gasps of shock and disgust as they recognised it. “Incase you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s the heart of a Vampire... that I killed.” There were gasps every where. “Y-you ripped its heart out?” Zach said in his usual tiny voice. “I sure did.” “How?” Arthur asked, still staring warily at the heart. “Well...” He brought out my knife and showed the boys. “when we were attacked...”I zoned him out and smiled. He was going to tell them how he had fought three Vampires on his own and at the end of it all, he had used my knife to dig through their chest and rip out their hearts. That was the story we had agreed upon. I glanced around and my eyes fell on Lily. She sat at the other end of the class. And I was in love with her. Yeah, I forgot to mention that I’ve had a ma
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Chapter 9
I watched Dad wear his three piece pinstriped suit. He shrugged on his coat like an armour and blowed a kiss to mum. Then he walked out the door. There was a limo just outside the Alpha’s house too. They were going out. Probably to an important meeting, seeing the way Dad was dressed. He hopped into the limo with the Alpha, my uncle Jamie and the limo sped off. It was a good thing they were both gone. I wouldn’t have to sneak as carefully as when they were around. I waited a bit after dinner. The 30 minutes seemed like eternity. As soon as the clock hit 8.30pm, I got my jacket and ran out the door. “Be back before 9.” I heard Mum yell from the kitchen. “Okay...” I yelled back, not stopping or even slowing. I ducked behind some bushes as some Men walked pass. They were on Patrol duty. I didn’t even know why I hid, I could have easily waved at them. But I stayed hidden till they were well past. Then I ran nonstop all the way to the oak tree by the edge of the woods. My ears were
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Chapter 10
THE MEETING OF THE MAGICAL was a very big and special event. Major leaders of magical species all.over the world attended it. Big Pack Alphas. Fey Kings from the six continents. Elves leaders. Dwarfs spokesman. Witches. Vampires. The event takes place in the night and at different locations. It is normally held once a year, but except a very strange thing happens then an impromptu meeting will be called. Major wolf packs and Elves communities are required to have a representative present preferably the Alphas or another high ranking person. The meeting is headed by a board of chiefs. These chiefs include: Sir Richards, who was the Grand magus of the wizard coven. Preston, the Alpha of the Artic wolves. They were largest and most powerful wolf Pack in the world. Rosetta, Queen of the Elves. Zhao, the most powerful Fey. He wasn’t the Fey King but he was the commander of the Fey Watchers. And last but not the least. He didn’t normally attend most of the meetings so most times he is e
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