Chapter 62


The mother and son kept going at each other until the Naga got tired. She realized that there was no way of getting through to her son. It was his first love and even though she hated Clarris, she had to compromise this time.

“Fine you can have your fling with the useless woman but I'm coming with you to keep an eye on her, she breaks your heart I cut her into tiny pieces and put her in my soup,'' the Naga replied. Even though she was not joking and would definitely eat Clarris, Omen hugged his mother in excitement, “I love you mother,”

“Get your hands off me, I'm still disappointed,” the Naga replied.

But Omen ignored her and kept kissing her, “Thou are going to like Clarris,” he stated in excitement.

“In your dreams, me allowing this rubbish does not mean I like the witch, let's go and get your brother,” she stated and snapped her fingers.


Clarris sat on her bed combing her long silk-like blonde hair. It was centuries since she co
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