Chapter 65

Rachel stood up and walked to her chambers quietly, she was out of words, the victory she thought they finally achieved came crumbling down and gave her a hard slap. She knew breaking the curse would not have been achieved without the Naga and Omen but she just couldn't even gather the courage to thank him, she was so mad and did not have the stomach to say anything nice to him.

Princess Elsa and Darrell only stared at the floor and avoided eye contact with the family. The Princess knew that Nephius disliked Darrell because of the way he was holding on to her and not the relationship he had with Clarris. Nephius gave them a cold glance and followed his mother, followed by Daniel, Miguel, Lotus, and finally Marcus. Barrick stayed glued to where he was standing.

The Naga couldn't believe the ungrateful family, she grabbed Omen and asked him to go with her. “They do not deserve you,” she stated while touching his sad face.

“But Mother.”

“I'm a Naga and I kill my mates, your father would
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