The Arrival Of The Reincarnated Hero

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The Arrival Of The Reincarnated Hero

By: Etrean OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The Arrival of a late hero has arrived... He shall wield the once heroic sword once again in his journey to remember what he was before.. Will he rise or will he fall? Will the deep swallow him whole? Or will he prevail and see what this treacherous journey has awaited for him. Hero from the deep, what shall await for him. Will he prevail and uncover the secrets of this world? Or will he be striked with one blow.

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Chapter 1, New Beginnings:
"Over there!" A female voice shouted as a group of 5 was running towards a big gate as something was chasing them, it looked like angels but they were carrying spears and were shooting lightning type of bullets right at them."We just need to start that elevator and we're long gone!" A male voice then shouted as the group of 5 went on, but one went towards the lever to pull it down. Slowly the elevator started ascending, it was slow."We won't get on the top in time!" Another female voice said in a panicked tone as the group then prepared for their last stand."Don't!"Then a male shouted as they grabbed his sword, it was glowing a orange type of flame that slowly started to become azure "You guys stay there, I'll hold them off"The angels slowly started approaching the group. They started to throw the same balls of light, the man however parried it towards the angels, hitting the one who threw it to the group.Then he grabbed a revolver from his side pocket and prepared for a fight o
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Chapter 2, Late Heroes
As Mizu and Trenti were walking, they walked by a Statue of someone. Mizu stopped as he then looked at the statue as there were... Definite features of the statue"Hey uh... Trenti who's this statue about?" Trenti then stopped walking as he walks back a couple of steps "Oh, it's the Queen of Etris"Mizu then looked at the writings engraved onto the stone "Took hold of the place after the Lord eventually died for unknown reasons. The people don't mind at all nowadays, the queen is actually making peace treaties with the other factions unlike the Lord"Mizu then looked around as he noticed something unusual "Wait what? Why did everyone move to the sides""The queen has arrived!" A person shouted as everyone scurried to the sides as well."Come on Kid, let's not get in the way ya know" Trenti said in a hint of panic in his voice as Mizu just followed Trenti.Soon a carriage of some sort was passing through but instead of horses, it was knights with a black palette armor "Make way for the
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Chapter 3, Amarico & The Isle of Vigils:
As the carriage was being carried, a guard was walking at the same pace as they suddenly spoke; "So, Mizu was it? Think I heard that name before" The male guard said as they kept walking "You did?" The guard nodded "Think I remember my grandfather told me it, he was the person that strived to unite every faction if it costs his life" He then sighed, which concerned the male. "It's quite sad that he didn't make it out on the first-ever expedition in The Depths" Mizu then hummed. "I wish I can be like him, just being fearless to everything and trying to save everyone in every way he can" The guard grinned "I believe in you kid, you already look and sound just like him" Suddenly the carriage finally stopped as the guard opened the door for it. Mizu hopped off as he then looked around. "Anyway, you go down the slope and just keep going straight and you'll see the docks" He then closed the door "I'll see you around kid" Mizu then looked at him "What's your name?" The guard then fix
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Chapter 4, The Basics
As Mizu and Amarico started walking in the temple, Mizu can hear the clanging of swords and blasting of guns "Wait what was that blast?" Amarico turned around to look at him as she then thought about it "If I remember correctly, the queen started giving out weapons called.. what was it? Guns, there we go" Amarico then shrugged "Etris, along with Isle's of Vigils has been gaining some treaties with the Summer Company lately so I guess it's because of that" Mizu finally understood "But hey, the ones who are actually using the guns are using mantra bullets, basically a weaker version of a real bullet" Mizu nodded "That's good to hear, thought someone might die due to that" The 2 continued walking to their destination, a big training room. There were all types of weapons there from Greathammers to Swords and to Daggers, the room was filled to the brim with weapons "Alright kid pick whatever you want I'll wait for you there" Amarico then went to the arena as Mizu slowly looked at the
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Chapter 5, The Lower Parts
"Tell me again on why I have to use this instead?" Mizu was looking at the sword he was holding instead of his regular katana that he used "You aren't still prepared to what Trenti gave you" Amarico then fixed her bandana as she then swings a full punch combo as Mizu looked at her "So were going back to Etris right?" Amarico then nodded as she waited for her bell to chime and form the circle to teleport to the palace of Etris "It's gonna be your first ever mission? Aren't you excited for it?" Mizu just shrugged "I don't know anything except the basic combat that you taught me so" Amarico then laughed as the bell then chimed "Oh there it is, come on! Get in before I leave you here alone" Mizu then stepped inside the circle as the two then waited to be teleported. Almost immediately they were engulfed in a blinding light in a matter of seconds as they were now in-front of the gate of the palace "Halt!" A loud male voice shouted as spears were pointed at them "Who are you?" Ama
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Chapter 6, The Bandits:
"So this is Erisia?" Mizu looked around as there was a massive gate in-front of them. The trio looked around as there were countless ships awaiting near the small beach that they were on "There's so many boats..." Amarico then looked around "Strange... people mostly gather here to find some squads to venture into the upper parts... but.." She was quite confused "This is really strange" The queen, Ada, tried to sense something with her enhanced hearing but nothing was emitted from the silence "Nothing... We'll worry about that later, for now we need to get to the Duchess's Manor, we can't waste time" Ada then started to walk inside as the 2 followed suit, there they saw what seems to be like Megaloudaunt carcasses and bodies around the area "Jesus fucking christ!" Amarico stumbled back "What the fuck happened here?!" Amarico then looked around as she saw a male moving near a rock that has 2 slopes "Hey are you alright!?" Amarico and the crew rushed towards the slowly dying ma
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Chapter 7, Snake Bite:
As the crew was slowly approaching the Viper's Jaw, they hard shouting and crying as soon as they got closer and closer "You hear that?" Amarico said as she slowly crouched herself and used her Felinor ears to hear more clearly. "Yeahhh! Let's fuckin feed her to the Sharkos!" A voice said as a older voice spoke up "Hah! The sharko's would probably just stomp on her because she's a blind fuck" then suddenly the female voice that was crying suddenly spoke up "Please! I beg of you! Stop doing this!" She cried out loud "Shut up bitch!" The guy slapped the girls face as she kept on crying "I just want to see my brother again" The girl cried as she was covering her head As soon as Mizu heard that a flame of determination bursts out of his eyes as he gripped his sword tightly "So what's the plan" Mizu asked as he gripped the sword's handle with both of his hands as he looked at Ada and Amarico "Well, first off we can just go in guns blazing... They don't have that good weapons. F
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Chapter 8, Kate The Blindseer:
Amarico picked up the dead bandit's body as she threw it down the huge cliff they were on as it fell down to the bottom, a splat was heard after."P-Please don't hurt me" The young girl that had a blindfold on said while protecting her head. She was cowering in fear.Ada then comforted the girl "Do not fret, we are here to help... What is your name?"Ada said lightly as the girl started to have tears leak from her blindfold as she started bawling her eyes out "Shh... It's alright, you're safe now"Ada kept on patting the girl to make her calm down.After a few more minutes, the girl stopped crying as she was wiping herself down with a handkerchief Ada gave her.She then bowed "My name is Kate... I-I'm a future blindseer" Amarico was then surprised"You have been in the depths before?" Amarico asked as Ada looked at her feline companion who asked the question"What do you mean by that Amarico?"Amarico then thinks of it "I've read some books and some of them state the Blindseers must e
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Chapter 9, Promise:
After a minute or two, Kate stopped crying. Mizu approached her as she then sensed him, she looked at him with her blindfolded eyes but you can see it was damp because of her cries. Mizu then grabbed his pouch as he gave 3 flowers to her. He got it from the loot bag a while ago "Please, place it on his hands.." Kate nodded as she then grabs it slowly. She then grabbed her brother's hands as she opens his hand and placed the flowers there. She then closed it slowly and then moved his hands near his chest. Kate then stood up as she then looked at her brother's dead body, she hoped he moved on peacefully... Mizu looked around as he saw a sword that was near the body. He grabbed it as he then stabs it near the ground the body was to symbolize that he died with honor and pride "I'm sure he did pass on in a haven we would like to see and share..." Mizu said lightly as he pats her head. Suddenly Kate hugged him as she then tightened her grip. Mizu pats her head as she just kept hugging
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Chapter 10, The Shark:
"The Megalodaunt has 4 attacks, 2 of which you can easily dodge" Ada was teaching the crew as they were slowly approaching the Viper's Jaw "The other 2 is their roar and it's pellets... As long as you don't give in to it's roar you are fine" Ada then unsheathes her dagger as they were now outside it "And for it's pellets, you can just go behind something" Ada then looks at the 3 as Amarico cracks her knuckles as she then made Kate go behind her "Stay behind me alright?" Amarico looked at the blindfolded girl as she nodded "Mizu, you're gonna help me out on killing it" Ada then slowly entered the cave as Mizu followed suit. As soon as they saw light, they saw the ominous figure, it was 15 ft tall with a hunched back but it was still menacing. There was a odor that almost made Mizu puke but Ada on the other hand was slowly crouching behind it. Mizu waited for any signal from Ada as she was fully behind it. Ada then signaled to Mizu to grab its attention. Mizu nodded as he ran up fr
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