Chapter 72

The all-ride Clarris was quiet and only replied with a yes or no. Even though Omen did not like her attitude he played along.

They landed on Dark Tower and found the Night Catcher. Clarris rolled her eyes and passed him, went straight to her room, and locked the room behind her.

Omen asked the Night Catcher to ignore her. He knew it was waiting for her soul but also knew that it wouldn't take it forcefully. “On our wedding, thou be mine best man,” he stated.

The night catcher eyed him confused and asked him to clarify if he had heard him correctly. Omen only smiled and teleported into Clarris's room.

“Are you Stupid, get out of my room,” she yelled at him but Omen threw himself on the bed and joked about the fact that she had a bed?

A very irritated Clarris walked over to the bed and ordered him to get up but Omen pretended to be asleep. She got a pillow and hit him hard but got no reaction.

“Omen get up, you are not sleeping in here,” she kept yelling and hitting him.

In a swift,
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