An angel’s road to hell

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An angel’s road to hell

By: David Amann OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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What happens if the one transcendent being that truly cares for mortals fell and got a second chance in a world full of magic, danger and possibly even friendships? Does the past determine the future or do we all write our own destiny? Come along for a ride through space and time. Watch Cassandra Pendragon grow from a kingdom-less princess to a force that might change the cosmos.

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107 chapters
1. Of angels, demons and a little bit of treachery
Void Star ZetaLightning cleaved the sky while a monstrous thunderclap blew away the last wisps of smoke rising from a bloody battlefield. The light of three different void-moons could finally penetrate the atmosphere, shining onto the flailing bodies of combatants, locked in an unending dance until that last forceful strike blew them apart like leaves in the wind. Afterwards an eerie silence claimed the remnants of two mighty armies. They faced each other over a destroyed plane, littered with bodies, limbs and deep crystallised craters, proof of otherworldly magics that reigned there up until a moment ago.In the no manˋs land, smack down in the middle of this butchered battlefield, one remained standing. One remained upright, albeit without his second eye and missing his right arm. Raven-black hair covered an unworldly beautiful face with high cheekbones and one remaining eye that shone like the moon. Deep gashes split his cheeks, so that his large canines poked out of the wounds ar
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2. Of homes, families and a little bit of history
GayaGaya was located close to a universe’s core. The core was the place where the energies of creation spilled over into the void chasm and breathed life into an otherwise dark and static place. The closer a planet was located to a universe’s core, the more abundant life could exist. The immense influx of power allowed diverse species to flourish.Gaya was an old planet. Her face changed quite a bit over the course of several billions of years. Right then she featured two continents, split by an endless sea that was inhabited by gargantuan monsters of the depths, growing to several kilometres in length. The seas were always in turmoil, be it from the clashes of gargantuan sea-dragons under the surface or from the mating dances of enormous whales that were large enough to swallow an island whole. The waters had an alluring shine to them, oscillating between emerald green, azure blue and pitch black at the deepest points, but wherever one would watch the waves, iridescent light would s
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3. Of awakenings, nuisances and a little bit of magic
Cassandra Pendragon2 years laterMoon palaceI woke up. For the first time since I had seen the light at the end of a dark tunnel I came to, fully aware of myself and my surroundings. I breathed the sweet smelling night air and could identify thyme, cherry-blossoms and sage on the wind. I looked around the room, bathed in moonlight and could see even the smallest detail. I was in a crib. Wait a moment… I was in a crib? That shouldn’t be right. I should have been somewhere else, doing….something…important? I couldn’t remember and unfortunately couldn’t even concentrate as a thunderstorm started right next to me and chased away the last remnants of my memories. I tried to scoot away but only managed to flop onto my stomach unceremoniously and got tangled in my two tails. Tails?! Panicked I looked around until my gaze settled on a canopy bed with two figures inside. One of them was the source of that mighty thunderclap, repeating the impressive feat with every snore he took. A face and
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4. Of seers, others and a little bit of conflict
Cassandra PendragonAfter mum had finished playing dress up doll with me, she gave me a critical once-over: “Oh my, Cassy, I swear you are getting cuter by the day! You look just like a little angel…” Right, how come I feel like a clown who is suffocating under frilly satin? I swear those ribbons made my head twice as heavy. Well at least I could enjoy mum brushing my tails. That felt nice. While she finished with the brush, my mum kept on chattering: “Today is your second birthday, all your relatives will come by. Some of them you haven’t even met yet. Are you excited my little darling?” Oh, I had pretty much forgotten about the birthday thingy. I vaguely remembered my parents and brothers singing while Ahri cut and served cake, but that was pretty much it for my first birthday. If my assumption that I had been born into aristocracy was correct, shouldn’t there be a presentation of the new heiress of sorts? My confusion didn’t last long: “Before the festivities we will have to presen
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5. Of healing, powers and a little bit of future plans
Cassandra Pendragon. There were many colourful words to describe pain. Agonising, overwhelming, terrifying, scarring, blinding…. They were all just measly shadows of what I experienced after waking up. A smith hammering on your brain felt like a mild headache compared to what I had to endure. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even hear or see. The only things present were the pain in my head, a slithering feeling of molten fire on my back and the weird tingling of a third tail.After suffering for what felt like an eternity, the pain became somewhat bearable. I, at least, could concentrate on something despite my martyrdom. I wasn't alone, low murmurs of a conversation reached my ears. I tried to open my eyes which turned out to be a really bad idea. Light seared my retinas and I immediately retched up coagulated clumps of blood and bile. That shut everyone up quite effectively.I couldn’t see, but I had heard my dad and dr. Hofffox talking and my mum was close by, holdin
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6. Of testings, paths and a little bit of destiny
Cassandra Pendragon5 days laterA small procession passed through a hidden gate in Boseiju’s trunk. My father carried me delicately in his arms. Behind us, my mother, Ahri and the two personal guards of my father followed along. When we passed through the gate and left the moon-lit, starry night, a new world awaited. We entered a winding tunnel, leading downwards in gentle swoops. The walls consisted of wood, glowing lightly with translucent sap that flowed within. The air was warm and moist. It smelled of earth, cherries and age. My eyes pierced the gloom and I could make out a myriad of tiny insects, shuffling away from the giant intruders who invaded their kingdom. My skin tingled from the sheer amount of energy present. Our path through that living realm continued on. We had traveled for a good 10 minutes, descending deeper beneath Boseiju’s roots, when I could make out the faint gurgling of water, sloshing somewhere in front of us. After a final turn, the walls of the tunnel re
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7. Of fears, intentions and a little bit of hope
Mordred PendragonI watched silently while my parents carried Cassandra towards Boseiju. The calm night air smelled of cherries and herbs. Moon and starlight painted the world in soft, silvery colours. I heard the rustling of leaves as a raven took off from one of the upper branches of the mighty tree. This was my home, the place I cherished the most. But yet… it wasn’t supposed to be mine. Not now, not ever. At least if things remained the way they were.Born as the younger son, I had lived my whole life in Arthur’s shadow, always the second, always just a step behind. Everything I accomplished, he had already done. My prowess with the sword? Easily eclipsed by his lightning-fast daggers and perfect foot-work. My dreams of grand, new architecture and social reforms? Blunted by concise and practical arguments and a reliable vision of the future. Even my first love, lost to my oh-so-perfect brother. Did I mention that they already had been blessed with two kids? I had even been forced
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8. Of birthdays, presents and a little bit of friendship
Cassandra PendragonNearly 5 years laterMy stomach ached, sweat dripped into my eyes and I was pretty sure I could smell the tips of my hair burning. Wheezing I laid on the ground, huffing for air after that last burning discus had missed me by no more than an inch. It hadn’t missed my hair though. The lower third of my black plate was smouldering. Huh, how I loved the smell of burnt hair in the morning. For a blind woman Greta’s aim was astonishingly good. It was still fairly decent for a person with eyesight and that was more than enough to put a 7-year old through her paces. We were currently in her cave, the place Greta had picked to torture … train me 5 times a week. As usual, I spent most of the time running away from or dodging one thing or another. My “teacher” had realised pretty fast that most forms of energy wouldn’t touch me, so instead of hurling fireballs, she threw stuff. Heavy, burning stuff. I had to question her methods, but the results were amazing. From a chubby
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9. Of promises, parties and a little bit of trouble
Cassandra PendragonWhen we had exited the hidden gate underneath Boseiju’s roots, a warm afternoon sun greeted us, warming my face. Its loving caress coaxed a myriad of smells from the flowers near Boseiju’s trunk and encouraged the birds to frolic in the sky. I stood still for a moment, relishing in the tantalising impressions. My gaze roamed over the garden, nourished by the five rivers. Huge cherry trees dominated the scene, some adorned with tiny houses, some the largest pillars of bigger estates, nestled around their base. The paths were hidden within the landscape, following natural occurring formations. Horses and carts weren’t allowed within the garden. Small ponds and fountains teeming with fish, insects and birds were all around like sprinkles on a cake, adding to the magical atmosphere. Only the nobility, descendants of the friends of the first five families, were allowed to live here. It was never crowded, but I couldn’t spot anyone around.Turning around I craned my neck
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10. Of duels, wings and a little bit of smiles
Cassandra PendragonCould he do that? Judging from the frozen expressions all around, he probably could. Oh oh… What should I do? I wasn’t trained in any form of combat yet, let alone fencing or what ever the hell I was supposed to be doing. I didn’t even have a weapon for crying out loud! If I had anything on me I might have been able to finish this whole thing before it started and sort out the mess afterwards. Or was it some form of magical duel? That would have been even worse, I couldn’t channel any energies yet. Slightly panicked I looked around, searching for help. My parents were frozen mid-step, which would have been hilarious under different circumstances, and simply stared at Eddie, completely baffled. Mordred, who had been dancing with a pretty kitsune from the water palace seemed shocked but was already moving closer, trying to reach me. I heard the buzzing of the crowd: “Murdered….thought it was an accident….never properly investigated….protecting their child….” and re
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