Author: AT_Imagination
A Perfect Fit

Time : Pure Hearts (The Past)

Place: Alusa

Lucius's boots made an echoing sound against the floor with each step he took, staining the sparkingly clean floor with mud and blood. His gaze was fixed on the bed at the center of the room where his father laid. From where he stood, he could only see the cloth covering and the pillows but not who laid on the bed. He dropped his weapons one after the other making them clank loudly against the floor and finally he got to his father's bedside. He knelt down at his sick father's feet, dropped the golden specter that wieghed a ton and touched his forehead against his father's bony legs while he held them in his blood-filled hands, smearing them with it.

"You will never have my blessings." Adreno's feeble voice broke his train of thought. Lucius stood up with a straight face and stared at his father's sulkened one. He had become so sick that his skin looked like a withering flesh covering his bones.

So sick and so old...

Adreno stared at his son with sadness. His son had grown tall and lean with a darkness that seemed to consume his very being. His dark skin was smeared with innocent blood but his eyes held such pride that it sickened Adreno much more than his current illness.

"What is the use of a dragon if you don't use it to conquer Kingdoms?"

"It was a gift, a gift of peace!" Adreno's shaking voice hissed, managing to convey his displeasure.

"How can a magical creature that spits fire be a gift of peace?!"

"It is he who wields the specter that has been consumed totally of darkness."

"Are you saying that I am consumed with darkness?" His silent raging voice fought through his teeth.

There was silence for too long that it irritated Lucius.

"I have given you glory more than you can ever imagine. I have made Alusa a great Kingdom. Tell me why I don't deserve your blessings, father." His voice was so quiet but his eyes were stormy, like the tumbling of a silent destructive wave.

"Look at you!" Adreno said forcefully. His body wreaked with fatigue but he pushed through. "Blood of the innocent! You are not my son."

Lucius glared at his father then his lips morphed into a tight smile. He crossed his arms across his bare chest tightly.

"You want to rule a small village? Rule with peace?" He mocked. "Can you not see what I have done?! Can you not see what I have achieved?! With so much greatness, I have brought Kingdoms down, powerful kingdoms. They tremble at my feet and I have given all these to you. I give you their fear, their glory, their bountiness. I deserve your blessings, I have worked hard for it!"

"I don't want it," Adreno spat, "We are people of peace!"

"Peace my foot!" He snapped. "This is only the beginning, father. When I am done, I shall have the whole world at my feet...," he tightened his fists and stared into space, his eyes filled with madness as his mind dwelled on images of trembling Kingdoms then he looked back at his father, the crazy smile still plastered on his face. "...and your blessings." He started walking away.

Adreno turned slightly and watched his son as he started leaving. He felt bitterness and sorrow so much that he could actually taste it. He looked up at the ceiling and a tear rolled down his cheek. "You are consumed with darkness. How did you become like this? You are a bastard! Son of darkness."

Hearing that, Lucius stopped immediately in his track. He gritted his teeth, the veins around his neck probbed and he clenched his fists in anger. He started walking to his father.

"This sickness has driven you far from good reasoning! I might as well put you out of your misery." The two large scars at either side of his cheeks that reached to his jaws seemed to move, anger radiated through his body. He grapped one of the many pillows used to support his father on the bed. Adreno shivered and his teeth began clanking against one another in fear. 

Lucius immediately placed the pillow over his father's face tightly. Adreno's hands crawled at Lucius's desperately in a struggle for his life, his whole body jacking violently. He dug his nails into Lucius's lean strong hands to stop him, blood sipped out of the cut but Lucius ignored it. His father's attempts were feeble, weak and uncalculated to him. Soon the struggle stopped, he lifted the pillow off. His father's eyes were glazed over and his mouth was partly opened. He put the pillow back in its place then he placed his hand over his father's eyes, pushing down his eyelids. 

"Sleep tight, father." He whispered but was cut short when a clank echoed across the room. He looked at the doorway to see a lady who was slowly slipping to the ground with tears running down her eyes. His face twisted with disapproval. 

"Young Master, what have you done?" Her voice came out as a whisper, weak and crumbling from sadness.

"Spread the word, the King is dead."

She looked at him, fixated at her spot with fear and shock.

"Go, now!" 

She jumped up to her feet immediately. She stepped on her gown and tripped but stood up quickly. She looked back at the room, fear dancing in her eyes before bolting out.

He stepped to the small table near the bed and picked up the crown, staining the majestic golden crown with dark blood. Then he settled it on his head with a smile. 

"A perfect fit."

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