New Ideas

"I am so honored to have you visit me, Dragon Lord. This is absolutely rare." Clara sang to him praises as he made it into her chamber. He looked around and took a deep breath. It didn't seem so repulsing to him anymore.

He was sure that she would be happy by the time he was done telling her about the purpose of the visit.

"I am here to inform you of a very important thing. As we speak, a warrior with my official statement to cancel the wedding has been sent to the people. This marriage will no longer happen, at least for now." DL said and she looked at him surprised.

Everything seemed to stop around Clara as she process the news.


Could her dream be finally coming true? She thought.

She wanted to scream in happiness but that would make her look bad. Bad wasn't anything she wanted to look like right now. She didn't know what to do. Should she sound happy or sad about this?

"I am in no rush to get married. Still, permit me to ask why the wedding was called off." Clara asked, finding it all too good.

"Did you not say it yourself? You are in no rush. My Nana has not ceased on your matter. She persistently won't let my ears rest. I cannot promise that this wedding won't happen at a future date but for now, you can be rested assured that this wedding won't happen." DL said.

He felt like this was the most understanding conversation he had ever had with Clara. This was the longest he had ever withstood her presence without feeling choked.

Each drawn to their thoughts, the room became silent.

Clara couldn't help but be happy. Her heart thanked Nana for this. She would have to make her that tea that she loved. At least that was the little she could do for her.

"Thank you, Dragon Lord. The news pleases me." She said before she could even have time to think. She bit her lips in regret but stopped when she saw him smile.

"It pleases me too." DL said.

He left and Clara was left alone with her thoughts.

Was the Dragon Lord changing?

Had he smiled or was she just hallucinating? This whole situation felt like a dream! Had he looked at her without the disgust and hardness that he normally looked at her with? Had he admitted that the news of the cancellation pleased him too? But they were still together, he hadn't broken off his connection with her. She was still his fiancé.

Still, it didn't matter. That too, was only a matter of time. Soon, she would have Nana pull her out of this completely, Nana got this far and she would do more. Clara was certain, the old woman really wanted to help her.

She contemplated staying here so that if Lewis came by she would tell him the great news. After their argument, she hadn't seemed him again and it pained her. She knew it was the right thing to do, yet it hurt her that it was done.

She refused to let her mood deteriorate because of that. She placed a hat gingerly on her head and held her gown in her hands.

"Kara, get me an umbrella and inform the rest that today, we will be taking a stroll in the garden." She said with a smile.

The maid left immediately, happy that her princess was happy.


Time for the execution.

Anytime from now he would order that the drum was beaten the people to be present to witness Diamant's death. On his way to the dungeon, he kept doubting himself. He doubted all of this.

Not yet time...

He said to himself. The time didn't feel right. So he had a new idea.

When he got there, he saw her sitting elegantly as she drank from the cup beside her. Her eyes staring right at the bars then at him.

"I thought I would have to wait forever." Diamant said, satisfied to see him.

"Are you sure you were waiting?" DL said as he smiled. He looked at the empty plate and cup again.

"Well, I have a right to my last meal. Although I thought yesterday would be it but, shall I turn down an offer?" Diamant said with an exaggerated happy voice.

"Of course, you do!" He smiled.

"Well, I decided that I didn't want the rowdiness of, you know, the execution." He said playfully.

Diamant squinted her eyes as she questioned his playfulness in her head. What was making him so happy?

"So, I poisoned your food." He said.

Diamant heart fell from her as she remembered how she hungrily ate the food. She was just always falling for all of his traps.

"So you don't want to flaunt your trophy?"

"How do you mean?"

"Don't you want the whole kingdom to see that I finally succumbed to your punishment? Don't you want them to see how powerful you are?"

It just didn't feel right to Diamant. Something was fish about everything.

He laughed as he stared at her in amusement. Of course, she would suspect that something was up. She wasn't stupid.

"Well, I had planned that at the beginning then I got new ideas."

Diamant gritted her teeth in anger.

"If you swear that your loyalty will be to me and you will serve me fully, I will give you the antidote."

Diamant laughed and DL clenched his hands in full rage.

She wouldn't even serve him for her life?

"What kind of joke is this?! I would rather die!" Diamant shouted in rage and determination.

"Well, you would but would Sunain?" DL said using the last bait he could.

"She is still alive?" Diamant said and her raced with hope.

Seeing what he wanted, he smiled.

"Your decision will decide that!"


"Your food, Princess." A voice said as a cart was wheeled in. A guard stood next to the maid, his helmet covering his face.

"Oh, Kara. Thank you so much, Kara." Clara said as she cleaned her hair. She wore a really simple gown as she bustled in joy.

She helped Kara place the food on the table.

"Have you seen anyone come to see me?" Clara asked thoughtfully. She still hasn't seen the guard.

"No." Kara said.

"Okay." Clara said a little sadly.

"Oh. There is a message for you. A guard said there is a message for you." Kara said pointing to the guard at the door who Clara was only just noticing.

"Alright then. You can leave us now." Clara said with a smile and Kara left.

"Your message?" Clara asked impatiently. She had hoped that Lewis would have heard about the news, she looked away and walked to the table of food.

"My Star." Lewis who had now removed the helmet said.

"Lewis!" She ran to him and jumped on him. Hugging him tightly.

She should have suspected. Who wears an helmet without an armour?!

"Clara" He said hugging her back tightly.

He pulled away from her only for him to see her face. Her eyes were filled with tears and he leaned in to kiss her. One hand holding her to him while the other held her hair in a passionate grip.

Their previous argument forgotten.

She kissed him back hungrily, trying hard to make up for the days they were apart.

Sadly, their passionate moment was short-lived. She started shoving him away when his hand went into her gown and grabbed her thigh with full lust.

She went away from his grib and she walked away from him. Her face was hot and her body wanted so much more.

"Why? You are always pushing me away!" His voice came out venomous.

"The time isn't right! If we get caught I will still be killed. We have to wait a little longer." She said as she went to him, placing her hands on his chest. Her eyes pleading for understanding.

"The marriage has been cancelled. I heard the announcement!" Lewis defended in a hushed tone.

"But I am still his fiancé! Nana helped me with that one and she will help me out of this eventually." She said confidently.

"How sure are you?" He asked considering her opinion.

"I can only hope." Clara said.

He went to her and gave her a long kiss. He banished the thoughts of telling her about her stolen handkerchief or about the arrow with the message he had received.


"You sent them already, I presume." DL said as sat in the at the dinning table.

Goben had forced him to come down to eat and he was grateful. He was thinking back to Diamant and what her decision would be. One way or another, he would have her to his side! He was determined.

If he couldn't kill her then he might as well make her his!

He chocked in his water as he that thought came to him.

Make her his...

That sounded so another way, like it was imbedded with another meaning and he didn't like it.

He looked around again just in case if any of the guards from the dungeon was searching for him. If Diamant accepts, then one of the guards would be here. He had given strict instructions that at least one of them had to be in their post, that was if one had to leave.

"Yes. Aliyah, Malik and Joseph."


"Yes, Dragon Lord."

"Why didn't you send Roc?"

"He is the one taking care of Rina."

"Rina is still bedridden?" He questioned.

How could he have just suddenly forgotten her?

"Yes, Dragon Lord. I was meaning to tell you after this lunch that her health is deteriorating and Roc fears that it is all going out of his control."

"And you were waiting to tell me that? You could have told me that immediately!"

"And have you rush down there to faint on an empty stomach. I know that you have been skipping your meals." Goben said.

DL looked on, he was right but he had to do something quickly. Rina was important to the Black Mask, highly loyal and would be a great lose.

"How about Doctor Rika?" Goben suggested knowing that DL was thinking about Rina's condition.

"I do not want my Grandmother on my neck. You know how Doctor Rika is, he would tell her out of his concern for me and she would know everything." DL said aborting the idea from Goben's mind immediately.

"Then who do we know of that is good enough to handle the whole situation?"

They both started thinking silently.

"Sunain." Dragon Lord said with his face lit, impressed with himself.

"Just a slave from Lobina." Goben stated, not seeing no she could possibly help.

"I had someone find out about her. Turns out she has great medical skills. Alright, I might be exaggerating but it won't hurt to give her a try."

"Our identity? She would have no reason to keep quiet except her life and her fear for you, yet if she might still run her mouth. Those large eyes don't look trusting." Goben commented.

"Well then, I will give her a reason to be loyal and keep quiet. I would give her a reason that isn't herself." He smiled sinisterly.

He resumed eating his lunch allowing his idea to entertain him.


"Where have you been. I have searched everywhere for you." Nancy said.

As she looked up at Natty who looked dreamily back at her.

"Oh, Nancy!" She cooed.

"No stories about your lover boy tonight. Do you not realize that you are in big trouble. You were the one appointed to the DL's chamber. What if The Gimbai realizes that you never went there?"

"Oh stop that. We both know that he would have sent me back without touching me. For as long as I have been here, he has never welcomed any of us for the sake of pleasure. I even wonder why she still keeps on doing the appointments." Natty said as she retired to bed.

"Still, you should have gone!" Nancy said worry filling her voice.

"You worry too much." Natty said as she hummed to herself.

"You saw him again, didn't you?" Nancy asked suspiciously.

"Oh, yes!" Natty giggled. "I am in love, Nancy."

"That is what you said with that warrior. What was his name again?" Nancy said as she tried hard to remember.

"But this is different, this is Malik. I love him and he loves me too."

She defended and Nancy clicked her tongue.

Of course, each one was always different...

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