Archmage Reincarnate Into Apocalypse World

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Archmage Reincarnate Into Apocalypse World

By: Ikrisnaw28 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Starting over once more, he has entered this “cycle of hell” in order to control his own fate. This time, in his second life, he ensured he would not die in vain again. The Archmage reincarnated into a new world where ancient magic is just a mere tale. Gather again his loyal servants! Restores his legendary abilities!! Even become the most respected hero! Mutants, Infected, wars between factions, radioactive areas, and even returning humans to their glory point is an almost impossible dream. Legend of Archmage in apocalypse world has begun.

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16 chapters
Chapter 1 Prologue
"Ugh" Many corpses lying everywhere. A woman wearing a robe that was no longer intact looked up at the arrow that had pierced her left chest which was no longer protected. As she felt the coldness of the arrow pierce her heart, her pupils shook as her body slowly lost balance. As the woman fell to the ground, she saw several people moving intensely. An Archmage was having a fierce battle with a magic knight wielding a greatsword. Even though the Archmage didn't have a single weapon on his body, he could still keep up with the opponent in front of him. The longer the fight lasted, the more she knew who the final victor of the duel would be. "Bam—!" The Archmage attacked the magic knight relentlessly. With a non-stop fire skill that he combined with an ice missile also with debuff magic, he managed to hit the magic knight's body and made a hole in his body. Even the attack made his body explode and shatter into pieces. Even so, the Archmage did not stop. Once, twice, three times….
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Chapter 2 Reincarnation
March 28, 2022 A boy looks happy. The holiday season has arrived, and he can't wait for this moment to arrive. When he enjoys the beauty of life without struggling with tasks that make his mind tired. When he was a child around the age of eight, he thought that the world would always be peaceful. No problems, no fuss, no fights. People will always live side by side, laughing merrily, and always be happy. One of his childhood memories is when he went on a trip with his family. Instead of choosing crowded tourist spots, his parents prefer to go to the mountains and camp with all three of their children. The eldest brother sat on the seat on his right, and the five-year-old sister took the mother's lap. Like it or not, he had to sit next to his eldest brother. Right behind his father who was driving. Suddenly the car he was riding in stopped. There was a traffic jam snaking for some reason right in front of his father's car. It was then. He heard a man's scream, not an ordinary sc
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Chapter 3 Re-Check
June 28, 2033 In a room with not-so-bright lights, a boy changed his clothes as he was listening to the doctor who seemed to be talking seriously to him. "Please avoid going to that dangerous place again, if you go there again you will threaten not only yourself but the city's border guard troops." The boy seemed to nod his head. "Thank you so much, doctor." The boy kept on buttoning his clothes. Beside the boy was a woman who incidentally was his mother, who thanked the doctor. While they were talking, the boy looked out the window at the sight of the city from his house which looked like a flat. With the clouds moving and the sun shining quite hot, everything looked peaceful, even though the world he knew now was not that peaceful. "This sight — I could never imagine being able to see such a different distant sight like this." 2033. Every time he checked an object that looked like a digital watch that was coiled on his left hand, he was surprised by the year and date. Appe
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Chapter 4 Tower of Magic
Zane manages to enter a hole which makes things complicated. He did not enter the hole through the same entrance because there were already guards there. He knew another entrance. But the expression on his face was contorted and annoyed when he arrived at his destination. "It's not here?" Exactly two weeks ago, he was suddenly in a dark hole that looks like a giant waterway. He did not know why the owner of the body was in that hole. There was a possibility that Gilbert and the others ordered it. "It couldn't be…" When Arnold thought he was dead, he suddenly woke up and heard a roar not far from him. A human infected with the blast radiation wants to eat it. Luckily, he can cast his magic skills. But when he entered the place again, there was nothing to get, no bit of information that he needed. "Why can I be here? Was it because of my unreasonable request to the Princess? At that time I asked to be revived, is this what I got?" He repeated this question countless times in his
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Chapter 5 Grinding (1)
The white scene from before had colors added to it. The precious scene was one of those that couldn't be seen outside the Tower of Magic. Now, the chilly air tickled his skin. The background of the dungeon changes to the Cave."Grrr—""Kraa—!"The Cave was empty, but the cries of the monsters could be heard from somewhere."What great sound effects"Starting from the first floor, the background looked great.Although he made this dungeon, he never knew about the theme, of what he was facing. It's as if the tower of magic has its own algorithm.Arnold had internal conflicts."Would this be the right choice? On the contrary, wouldn't choosing those with greater difficulties bring worse results? I have never tried this grade before"But his concern did not last long."Nothing changes if there are no differences. Nothing is impossible. I'll do it anyways"Change does not come without one's will. There's nothing else as stupid and selfish as expecting positive changes while doing nothing.
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Chapter 6 Grinding (2)
The reward at the beginning was great. It was a great kill that gained Zane a precious point in stats. When a summoner manages to get points, that also applies to the summon that the caster spawns."Could there be more rewards?"Every time a floor was cleared in the Tower of Magic, rewards were given based on the results, and permission to advance to the next floor was given.In some cases, rewards were also given while clearing the floor."Grrr—!""Swosh—!"The slain disappeared Darkie Welf's corpse, and the rest seemed to be preparing to pounce.Thirty-three more.It was still manageable.Zane raised his hands again, ready to cast another magic, Asmodeus as well.This time, Asmodeus and Zane made their first move."Slides—"Asmodeus slid his new body between the two Darkie Welfs in front of him.It wasn't as quick. This was the movement limit of Asmodeus's new body.The other Darkie Welfs, too, began running at the same time Zane did.And at that moment, Zane withdrew his body deep
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Chapter 7 Zane vs Nabe
Zane's past life, Arnold, excelled in every way. Not only in his specialty in magic but also in his physical ability. But now, it's all different. He was in a different body and also his new body never had the slightest good physical and magical abilities. Like it or not, Arnold, who is in his new body now, must try harder if he want to achieve his new dream in this new world. Now in front of him stood a floor boss, which proved that if he managed to defeat the monster his first dungeon would be completed. [Mr. Zane, I suggest checking your status] [Open Status] Level 26 [Name: Gyan Zane] [Strength: 40] [Dexterity: 40] [Vitality: 40] [Agility: 40] [Intelligence: 200] [Luck: 90] Level 26 Summon Active: [Name: Asmodeus] [Strength: 110] [Dexterity: 40] [Vitality: 110] [Agility: 40] [Intelligence: 40] [Luck: 40] Unique Skills: 1. [Soul master (summoner): rank D 1/2] 2. [Mage. No Casting, available spells: Fireball, Ice Missile: rank D, Root, Poison Vine, Ice Chain, Fir
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Chapter 8 Awakener
As if knowing that Zane has finished using his new skills and prepared himself, the system asks if he would like to advance to the next floor.Would he?"No."Zane expressed his refusal when the system asked if he would like to advance to the next floor.Zane knows his own limits.With the Algorithm changes from the Tower of Magic, acting carelessly would be a pain to himself.Zane understands that there is no easy way to get success.However, a magician like himself would be useless if he didn't have mana.In the Tower of Magic, indeed every magician has the right to refill their mana with mana potions. However, Zane did not do that.He just didn't want to get it instantly.The voice came back into Zane's head.[Will you leave this dungeon?]{Save point available. Would you like to take it?]Save Point is indeed a fairly important help.Instead of having to start all over again, this feature is quite satisfying. Each high magician can save their performance and continue their adventu
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Chapter 9 Awakener Test
His mom woke up late from her sleep, "When did I fall asleep?"She rubbed her blurry eyes and looked around her.Got to do the laundry and clean the floor…. House chores are piling up like a mountain. But —"Oh?"The room was clean.The untidy pile of clothes had been neatly folded and the floor had been cleaned without a single strand of hair left behind. The piling trash can in the living room had been empty as well."You're awake?"His Mom turned around.Zane was carrying a change of clothes and a bag. His Mom, in turn, spoke to Zane while she looked inside the recently cleaned room."You did all this?""The cleaning?""Of course, no. Lila and Bro Glenn helped me.""Since you were sleeping, we didn't want to wake you up. we didn't know where to put the laundry, so we just left it aside. Please do it later. The toilet was dirty, so I cleaned it as well."His Mom stared blankly at a loss for words. Although they did occasionally clean the floor and do simple household chores, she nev
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Chapter 10 Rage
Zane from the lobby put his hands in his pockets and started to take them out. Unlike at the Tower of Magic, this time he seemed to be wearing a black bracelet on his right wrist."They are slow"None of the human infected approached Zane with a fast tempo,"I thought they were moving faster than they were in the hole, or am I mistaken?"[Okay, I'll finish it asap]"Root—!"The floor was broken and tree roots came to bound all infected humans who approached."Fireballs—!""Kaboom—!"The zombie group was instantly burned by Zane's fireball skill. Their bodies shattered instantly.At the same time, Zane heard a loudspeaker in the room.[1028 successfully passed the first test. Rank E obtained][The next exam starts in 20 seconds. 1028 are expected to prepare himself…]The eyes of the Leaders and Agents Legion widened. They seemed unable to believe what they saw.[Is it ancient magic?][I didn't see him cast his magic skill][Does he not need a chant at all?][He doesn't seem to carry an
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