Xianxia: Against The Trend

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Xianxia: Against The Trend

By: Aurora_Ryan OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Haung is reincarnated in a world where humanity is at war with a different species. He also realizes that the cultivation being promoted in the world had judst started several hundred years ago, but due to the war, some geniuses have managed to get some chances. Most of them being from beyond their world. Utilizing it they have produced some experts that contributed more to safeguarding the world. With martial arts promotion, even cities are set up with some sect branches that allow every talent to gain an opportunity to cultivate. In the process of cultivation he also manages to enter different worlds and see many things that allow him to grow. The stronger he becomes, he also aspires to find out why he was brought to this world and the person responsible.

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25 chapters
Future self
Standing on the busy streets again, a man looked in a certain direction and sighed.Even as the people moved past him, no one could see him as though he did not exist."its been a long time but it seems that some things never change." as the manTo Huang, a few eras back then, he had been a citizen of this mortal world.A man with dreams and even after graduating from university had pondered over the route to take.As technological graduate he had many prospects but once he found himself involved in schemes from 'gods'. After coming back to this world it was indeed time for him to settle some karma with them. He looked at another direction and couldn't help but smile. "I guess I found the last one. After this I should indeed contact the others and agree to their conditions." for someone at his level he did not care about the so called karma, he just wanted to settle them.Mortals in this world were not toys in the hands of bored individuals. That being the point he immediately put
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He is unique
In the morning in the Meng Manor, the servants present were busy with their activities while a young boy had already left for the family library.The number of books where not many but Huang had read at least all of them. Today he was looking at the commonly circulated fist and sword arts.He had already given up on the fist art as he can only practice it after reaching some age otherwise his body might end up sustaining some injuries from it.The sword art is different and he was very curious about it, so he picked it up to check it out see if he can understand some things.In his past life he had read some novels and all of them mentioned some sword principles such as sword force and intent.He wondered if he could manage to gain some insights into such strange principles.Currently at five years, he might not be allowed to practice yet. But if he focused on reading no one would complain about it since nothing could go wrong.After visiting the library all the time, no one finds if
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Sect branch
After three months the notice was posted about the sect branch's recruitment and the criteria had not changed.Those attaining great accomplishments in any of the publicized techniques get to enter as long as they were less than seventeen years old.The scale of this activity was almost like that in his previous life's school life.The number of children in the town also flood the city sect branches and those his age are also a lot.It is not a unique thing at all, and thus he was not worried about looking out of place.Some of the parents are also cultivators though not high they are among the guard force in the city.As for others, they have their secrets and thus spend some of their resources to improve their children's cultivation opportunities.In such a dangerous world it is more realistic to have children take a path that could allow them to have smooth development.As for Lin he had his plans, he had rumors that the books in the sect branches were loaded in the libraries.He w
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The human list
In the evening, Huang sitting in the corridor of their family shop heard some rumors.The discussions were all focused on the issue of branch sect selection. The more Huang listened the more confused he become.At the City sect branches apparently, all disciples could only reach the heavenly realm.The genius disciples would be at the peak of heaven level before taking on main sect exams.Apparently, in all sections of the sect, some rankings were assigned. The information circulating was more believable due to having been received from some disciples already in the sect branch in the city.Huang views it as an opportunity to grab important data on the branch sects.The situation is similar to his current world's campus studying as students could be required to stay on campus.The situation in the sect is slightly different as the requirement is a must and only those that met certain requirements could be able to leave.The task can also provide opportunities to disciples other than i
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Passing Selections
In the Meng mansion, Huang no longer kept going out to collect news after realizing the day of the selection and informing the servants to remind him to incase he is very engaged to forget.In the place he usually practices, he continued to train in the sword art as well as boxing technique.He had yet to perfect the boxing technique and it was also a way to improve his physique.He had to keep practicing without any other external help he would take some time to reach the peak of human level.Currently, he could feel some energy seep into his body from time to time.It happened mostly when practicing the sword technique.But he just learned it was not sword force but rather qiThe quantity was just too small and over the years it has been accumulating and washing his bones, and even internal organs.If he could manage to accumulate it all over his body then he might get benefits.The muscles and bones can be nourished from the small qi.The qi is still in the form of gas and thus has
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The library
After entering the branch sect, due to his age, he got the same treatment as the other geniuses.The selection was indeed different as the great accomplishment disciples that came up reached close to two hundred and thirty.Among them, a rule was introduced to compete and at the end close to fifteen had reached perfection.The individuals with perfection could get personal accommodation in select isolated places.The opportunities were available for twenty places thus Huang ended up showcasing his perfection of sword comprehension too.In the end, he managed to get himself a remote region with bamboo forests.To get this place he decided to display jus talent because he could stay in the place until he exhausted his time at the sect branch. At the same time, it is more convenient this way since those twenty positions are also given a chance to visit the vitality pool to cultivate. The opportunity is only once and since they have attained perfection of their technique using the vital
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Knowing of some truths
Standing in the new environment Huang was already recovering from the strange dizzy feeling.At the same time, he was sure that there were indeed strong individuals in the human sects.The ability to create such a huge space and all the books he could see were pilled up in rows.This was already a time he was sure, he could not read all the books within a year."How is this possible, all the books in this place are too much for even a sect branch. Considering the numerous branches available even in this county alone such a collection of books can't exist." he moved towards the books that mention the history and geography of this world.After looking around for some time he moved in a certain direction and picked up a book from the shelf. It seemed to offer an introduction to the world.'Four billion years ago the world was certainly divided into several regions due to some unknown phenomenon. At this time, cultivation was not yet developed and the strongest people were referred to as
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Transcendence sword technique
After staying in the library most of the time for half a year, Huang had this scholarly aura around him.The aura made him seem like a weak sholar, he on the other hand had not even realized it.Walking out of the library he had consumed almost all of his contribution points from the sect branch.He proceeded towards his place of residence and along the way was able to hear about the issues of Spiritual pool.In his mind he had thought time was still there for growth. The amount if knowledge from the Library was enough to inform him that this world was not as safe as he thought.Some super strong existences were staring at it in the dark and the top experts seemed to fighting them off.The thought in itself was enough to scare him into understanding the reality of his current situation.No strength meant he would be at the mercy of others, slow development plan was not going to pull it at all.Thinking about the issue of his parents, they seemed to have been forced to come to this tow
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Spiritual pond
After getting the correct information about the spiritual pond he went to his place to sleep.He had not slept for a long time, and this time he needed it to restore his spirit.Reading books and practicing swords every day was indeed tiring, not in line with his previous life experience.Even students then could relax in his previous life and have sleep, but since it helped him improve his cultivation and understanding of this foreign world he had no choice but to take certain directions.The information he had gathered from the library also allowed him to have a clear understanding of where he stood in this big world.Based on his understanding not everyone could enter the main sect.But the same time, after cultivation level reached a certain point entry to the main sects is usually easy for city branch sects.He was excited about it too until he realized that the sect one joins is also equivalent to the resources one obtains.For him, such a decision like joining a sect had to wai
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Peak Earth realm.
After the discussion outside become more lively things also become interesting.The way people were dealing with the situation was different. Some were waiting patiently to mock others while others had some expectations.After staying in the pool for more than a day, he no longer felt the spiritual energy as intense as before.He had adapted to the place and tjus decided to move further in. After sinking in, he could feel some force coming from the center spreading outwards. Huang started to swim towards the depths of the pool. The people on the edge gad already moved further in some hours ago and thus when he took under water no one realized. Swimming past those busy absorbing spiritual energy in the pool he set his target further. The more he moved the colder thr sensation and also the pressure. He used sword force to withstand the pressure coming from the water. "This place is my limit. I should try absorbing the spiritual energy here before going forward." as he thought of tha
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