Chapter 21 - Spill

"Malik?" Lewis asked doubting himself. Was he the Master? Was he betraying the Black Mask? Betraying the whole of Alusa.

Malik stepped closer to him and smiled to Lewis.

"Welcome to the Winning side." He said with a devilish smile.

"So, you are The Master." Lewis said quietly to himself but audibly to him.

"Don't be ridiculous! Of course not, I am not the Master. The Master won't show himself to anyone." Malik said laughing in amusement.

"So, you do not know The Master?"

"No one knows The Master." Malik said like it was an obvious fact.

There was silence and Lewis said again.

"So you are the betrayer. How could you betray Alusa?!" Lewis said walking closer to Malik in anger.

"What are you doing too?! Isn't it called betraying?!" Malik hissed angrily. "They reached to me, The Master, his offer is promising. He is different from the Dragon Lord. Have you gone to the people to see how the Dragon Lord makes the people of Alusa live? The Master won't be like that! I am on the Master's side
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