Arthfael: The Grinding Hero

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Arthfael: The Grinding Hero

By: Virgolicious CompletedFantasy

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Alvin woke up from his sleep in the middle of an arena in another world without knowing the reason. After gathering information, Alvin found out that he now has a new name, Arthfael, and he must defeat an SSSSS-class monster named Krakensaur to return to his own world. At first, he didn't believe it, but when he tried to commit suicide, he woke up again in that world and felt pain all over his body. Finally, he was determined to reach the highest level in order to fight Krakensaur and return to his world.Will Arthfael be able to defeat Krakensaur and return to his world?

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210 chapters
Chapter 1. Another World
The sound of clicking between the mouse and keyboard filled the entire room of a 25 year old man who had given up on finding a job. To fill his free time while waiting for some interview calls to come, the man with black hair and brown eyes was busy playing games on his computer to alleviate his boredom towards reality. "AL-VIIIIIN! Turn off your computer right! Now! It's already 3 am, and you haven't slept?!" shouted a woman's voice from outside his room that pierced through the silence of the night. Like a teenager addicted to playing video games, Alvin ended his game on his computer and turned it off. "Okay, I'm going to sleep now!" replied Alvin loudly as he got up from his chair, then turned off the light in his room and lay down on his bed. Actually, the feeling of sleepiness no longer dominated him after he had finished two cups of coffee that he made a few hours ago. However, because his mother had shouted and must have heard the sound of his keyboard and mouse clashing, A
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Chapter 2. Arthfael, The Winner
Arthfael pulled back his right arm muscles with a fiery gaze aimed towards the Dreadspawn monster standing in front of him. Within three large strides, Dreadspawn, who had been hundreds of meters away, was suddenly in front of him. With precise calculation, Arthfael immediately thrust his right arm with all the strength he had left directly towards the red-colored monster's stomach. BOOM! DAAAMPPHH! The sound of the blow echoed throughout the stadium, which served as their arena. In fact, the punch delivered by Arthfael just now caused such a great and swift wind speed within seconds. "This should be enough to make it retreat and prepare for another strike until it's helpless," muttered Arthfael as he watched the Dreadspawn monster, which had been hit, now pushed back and helpless under the attack it received. Arthfael smiled as a notification appeared, indicating that his strength had increased twice as much as before. Despite his battered and bruised body and even some of his te
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Chapter 3. The Fairy
The three women who were surprised by Arthfael's behavior eventually approached him, then held his shoulder and looked at him through a mirror reflection. "Should we postpone it until after you shower, sir?" the woman asked while seductively touching Arthfael's body. Arthfael's mind was not even focused on his desire to spend time with the three women. He was actually wondering in his mind about what was really happening to him. Arthfael turned around and looked at the three women in turn, "Maybe I want to take a shower and clean up," said Arthfael. "We can shower together if you want, sir." the woman beside him suggested. Arthfael struggled to swallow his saliva, which made his throat feel dry. "No need. I'll call you when I'm done." Arthfael refused. Feeling rejected, the three women eventually obeyed Arthfael's command and quickly left the room. Before leaving, one of the women placed a bottle containing Phoenix tears to treat Arthfael's wounds. "I put the medicine here." s
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Chapter 4. Mission For Arthfael
Arthfael's drenched body lay on the bed, covered with a thick white blanket. Slowly, his eyes blinked and his forehead furrowed, a sign that he would soon regain consciousness. "Eunghh." Arthfael groaned as he felt the pain in his nose from submerging himself in the bathtub a few moments ago. "Look, he's starting to wake up," said Valentina, her voice echoing in Arthfael's ears. The three women in revealing clothing and curvy figures who had accompanied Arthfael since the end of the match, including the one who helped Valentina get Arthfael out of the bathtub, were also present. Slowly, Arthfael's eyes opened and began to adjust to the light coming into them. "Hey! Are you awake?" asked Valentina. Hearing Valentina's voice growing clearer, Arthfael immediately sat up from his lying position, exposing his upper body clearly. The three women around him, along with Valentina, were also surprised to see Arthfael's bare body. Arthfael looked at everyone around him and finally realized
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Chapter 5. Second Match
Arthfael's second match finally continued at night, after he finished dinner to replenish his body energy that was depleted from his fight with Dreadspawn earlier in the day. The three women who accompanied him had left him since he finished dinner, and now only Valentina the fairy was beside him. "Ogreking usually has a weak spot in the neck and chin area. But because that area is usually quite thick, it seems like you have to hit it hard," said Valentina, who appeared to be flying on Arthfael's right side while waiting for the wooden door in front of them to open. Arthfael looked at Valentina, "Don't I have any weapons? Do I have to fight with my bare hands again?" Valentina shrugged her shoulders, "You can take a weapon from the opponent you defeated. But because Dreadspawn didn't bring a weapon, you don't have any weapons." "Damn," murmured Arthfael, feeling that this match would be much harder. "Because your opponent this time is an S-level monster, every hit will increase 5
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Chapter 6. Arthfael VS Ogreking
Arthfael stomped his foot on the ground and then jumped into the air, his hand already clenched since earlier, hitting Ogreking's jaw hard enough to make him turn his face to the right. BOOOM!! "Ugh!" Ogreking groaned as he felt the strong blow to his jaw. Seeing his monster being hit for the second time and even Arthfael managing to dodge Ogreking's wooden stick, King Galen stood up and watched Arthfael carefully. "Why do his punches always succeed, and he can dodge Ogru's throws so well? Is he also a magic expert?" Galen asked. His aide, Magnus, standing beside King Galen, then placed his hands in front of his thighs and looked at Arthfael for a moment before bowing his head again in front of Galen. "It seems not, Your Majesty. That man doesn't seem to have any magic powers. Judging from his strength, he is just an ordinary man with a level below 100." Magnus replied. Galen nodded several times, "Interesting. He doesn't seem to have any magic powers, but he can fight Ogru so
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Chapter 7. The Esteria Palace
For three days, Arthfael was on his way to the Esteria Palace. Arthfael's once enthusiastic spirit had dwindled completely. Even when the carriage he was riding in entered the palace grounds, Arthfael just slumped in his seat, staring out the window. "Hey! Wake up! We have arrived at the Esteria Palace!" shouted Valentina, pulling Arthfael's hair to get him to snap out of it. But Arthfael's body felt too weak to move. Finally, the carriage carrying Arthfael, Magnus, and Valentina stopped right behind the carriage carrying King Galen and the Princess. The royal guards in their armor quickly lined up to greet the arrival of King Galen's entourage, who had just returned from Suncrest City. "King Galen and the Princess have arrived!" shouted one of the guards to announce the leader's arrival in the area. The guards who had lined up from the front of the carriage carrying Galen and the Princess to the entrance of the palace immediately stood tall and puffed up their chests to show resp
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Chapter 8. The King's Request
The Kingdom of Esteria, now ruled by King Galen, was located in the City of Evermore and was one of the four largest kingdoms in existence. The City of Evermore was known for its fertile plantation sources, and to protect the gardens from thieves who snuck into the Evermore region, Galen kept several S-class monsters that were released at night. Ogru, the Ogreking, was one of his monsters tasked with guarding the apple orchard in the back of the Esteria Palace. Ogru's departure didn't make Galen sad because he still had many other S-level monsters like Banshee, Bloodfiend, Cryptcrawler, and Juggernaut. These monsters, of course, followed Galen's orders as the leader of the region. Even Arabella was close to the Juggernaut monsters who were tasked with guarding the wheat fields in the Evermore region. "Ah, so refreshing!" exclaimed Arthfael just after he finished cleaning himself in a bathtub filled with warm water, after previously being unable to take a bath in the river for three
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Chapter 9. The Phoenix Tears
Knock! Knock!The sound of a knock on the bedroom door echoed throughout the room, causing Arthfael and Valentina to turn simultaneously. For a moment, they fell silent and exchanged puzzled glances."What should I say?" Arthfael asked, feeling confused, especially since his door remained closed."Just shout for them to come in. It seems like the person is still there." Valentina replied."Is that polite to say? I am a guest here," Arthfael retorted.Valentina scratched her neck, even though it didn't itch at all due to her confusion. Eventually, she flicked her finger and agreed."Just open the door, then." Valentina said."Alright." Arthfael said, approaching the door and opening it for the person on the other side, who was standing outside his room.Arthfael finally opened the door and his eyes widened when he saw a woman standing there in a white dress, her eyes filled with hope."Am I disturbing you late at night? I apologize for my rudeness," said Arabella, the Princess of the K
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Chapter 10. Ashbringer Sword
A bright morning greeted the man with shoulder length, tied back black hair, revealing his upright ears and sharp jawline.His eyes gleamed with a fiery spirit, clearly reflected in the mirror in front of him."Alright, Arthfael, let's begin our journey now so you can go home and marry your dream woman." Arthfael said to himself while gazing at his bare chest in front of the mirror.For some reason, he thought he preferred his appearance as Arthfael rather than Alvin in his original life.After finishing his reflection and tidying up his appearance, including changing into clothes provided by the kingdom, Arthfael left the bathroom.Valentina, who saw Arthfael, looked astonished and nearly stumbled from the two-foot height, enticed by Arthfael's handsomeness."Why are you flying like that? Are you enchanted by me or something?" Arthfael confidently asked.Valentina snorted. Initially, she wanted to praise Arthfael's handsomeness, but hearing his confident remark made her feel disguste
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