Well Planned

"I sent Roc to check on the border by the Riverside. I was looking for you to do it but you had disappeared." He said looking apprehensive.

"Dragon Lord." Goben paid his respect and only then did DL see the bird.

"A message." He smiled. "When will they be here?"

"Soon." Goben replied with a smile.

The Black Mask meeting would soon commence. DL and Goben took their seat waiting for others. Goben had taken the bird away to a cage and now he only had with him a message.

One by one they arrived, each paid respect and took the seat appointed to them. Once they were complete, DL started the meeting.

He had Goben read the message and they discovered that the enemy planned to have a meeting at the Central, where they were. They planned to meet in a bar and it was all detailed out.

They needed custome and the Dragon Lord appointed Aliyah and Joseph to see to that.

"We are going to that bar this night. News reaching me that we lost some warriors at the border. I strongly believe that there i
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