A Pick

"What were you doing there alone, Diamant?" Aaron questioned when they got to Diamant's room and she still kept quiet.

She turned to him.

"I saw him, Aaron. I saw Dragon Lord." She whispered to him.

"That is impossible, he is dead." He chuckled at how ridiculous this sounded.

"I know! Aaron, I know!" She shouted and started pacing around the room.

"I fear that I am losing my mind. Aaron, I think I am crazy."

"Don't make such ridiculous conclusions." He said not believing her notion and not liking it either.

"Then why do I hear things others can't hear?" She questioned and moved to him quickly.

"Aaron, I see things others can't see? Isn't that madness?!" She hushed at him.

"No. We will be going to Doctor Rika in the morning." He tried to comfort her.

"No!" Her voice cut him off harshly.

"There is nothing he can do to help me and I know it because I have already asked for his help." Diamant said, her face cold.

"I am crazy." She whispered and went to her bed.

"I am crazy." She continue
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