Summoned In A Noble's Body

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Summoned In A Noble's Body

By: Devesh_Kulkarni OngoingFantasy

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Reincarnated(?) in a body of the Young Lord of the one of most prominent noble families of the Ascar Empire. In the World of Swords and Magic where only the powerful prevail over others, Karna who was an orphan on earth must gain power and influence to protect his new family and the second life he got. But, there's a twist. Karna must coexist with the original owner of the body - Rudra Von Zarx In a body in which two souls lie, One is a Genius of Sword, One is a Genius of Magic! How will Karna And Rudra work together to clear all hurdles in their way?

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  • Devesh_Kulkarni


    Hello people! this is my first work so please let me know if you like it! Thanks for reading!

    2022-11-16 13:26:59
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66 chapters
In a large room that looked like it was for some royalty, an old man appeared. he looked at the king-size bed in which a 15-year-old boy was lying. The boy was asleep with a straight face as if nothing in the world mattered. he had fair skin and a pale complexion, and a handsome but dignified face. The man extended his hands and an invisible barrier appeared over the room cutting it off from the external world. right after, the shabby-looking ring on his finger disintegrated. 'tch, there goes my precious artifact, and it was one of a kind too. not even a god will be able to butt in for at least a few hours now.' The man thought. he looked at the boy one more time with hesitation. a look of contemplation appeared on his wrinkled face before quickly disappearing. it seemed he had made a decision. 'I will first see if you're worth saving, boy.' The man said under his breath and extended his ring finger and tapped the boy's forehead, some sort of energy went into the boy's brain. The
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The Young Lord is showing a reaction?
Late in the morning of the next day. Everything was ordinary, The Zarx manner was bustling with daily activities, Maids were sweeping the corridors, the Gardner was caring for the plants, and The Garrison soldiers were shouting 'Ha' 'Ha' in a specific rhythm during their training. The temperature was above average because of the summer even though it was the morning. The chef was preparing for breakfast. The Lord of the manner, 'Ron Von Zarx' was in his office going through some paperwork. Suddenly he frowned after reading a specific paper. The reason was that one of the Zarx Family's businesses was raided by an unknown bandit group. he crushed the paper in anger. he yelled."Anyone there?"A guard came in and bowed respectfully."Go find Sebastian and The Garrison commander, and have them come here!"The guard left and shortly after Sebastian come in with the garrison commander.Sebastian was as exactly as you would imagine a butler to be. broad visage, and a very elegant demeanor,
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Ron with Sebastian and Mark, The mansion's main staff, and Rudra's mother 'Aisha Von Zarx' quickly came running into Rudra's room at once. When they came inside what greeted them was the sight of Rudra lying on the bed half naked, his body twitching once in a while, cold sweat on his forehead, and rapid eye movements. And the Maid 'Lara' who was on the bed with a drenched cloth.Everyone looked at Lara: "...."Lara looked at everyone: "...."Suddenly realizing she was in a somewhat awkward situation she quickly said with a flushed face."M-My Lord, I was cleaning his body T-That's when..."Ron interrupted and said."Alight, I understand. Sebastian, quickly go and get a doctor." Ron said with anxiousness in his eyes."Yes, My Lord!" Sebastian left and came back to the doctor after thirty minutes."Doctor, please have a look," Ron said.The Zarx Family doctor sat on the bed and checked Rudra's nerves, with no change in expression he pointed at Rudra and sent some spiritual force to exa
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Going to the library
Karna fully recovered from the backlash of the 'soul summoning' after some days of rest. During this time, Aisha would especially make Rudra's favorite food and personally feed him. But this only increased the guilt in Karna's heart. One must know that when someone doesn't get something very easily and then suddenly they receive it out of nowhere then its value would be a hundred times more in the person's heart. Karna was the same, because he was lonely in his past life he did not want to lose the warmth and love he was receiving, there were many times when he almost revealed that 'Rudra' was already gone... but he was afraid of rejection. At last, he decided to wait and decide later what to do.When Karna finally gained some strength and began to move around, he first decided to learn more about the new world he was in. Although he had all the memories of Rudra it was also true that Rudra did not bother much about history, he always believed that the future was more important so he
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The Amaron Continent
Karna went inside the library, as one would expect from an influential noble family, the library had two huge floors full of books. The Library also had an open shade with a table and chair for reading books, and the scenery outside looked good.A middle-aged lady at the counter was currently writing something. She looked up and saw Karna with Lara entering, she was not surprised because Rudra often used to read books on politics and war tactics. She greeted both with a smile."Welcome. Young Lord, which book would you like to read today?""Give me all the history books and general knowledge books," Karna said.Now the lady was surprised because Rudra never read any history books. but she did not think much of it and immediately went towards the history section of the bookshelves, she selected a few thick books and gave it to Karna's hands, she said, "Young Lord, this is the perfect book for someone to know about this Continent's history and some general knowledge, especially for beg
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The Spatial Ring
The next day, Karna woke up. he stretched his hands and yawned. by now he was getting used to the luxury. He was wearing silky night wears, His red hair shined even more red by the coming sunlight from the window. He got off the bed and stood up.Just as he was leaving the room he suddenly saw something shining near the pillow. he moved the pillow away and saw a ring shining slightly because of the sunlight. He picked the ring up and began looking at it carefully. The ring was silver colored and there were some runic inscriptions on it. Karma cried out."High-Grade Spatial Ring!"Karna had been reading books on different things all day long the past few days, so he quickly knew that this was a Spatial Ring. Karna also learned some things about Magic, Spiritual force, and Warrior's Aura. He even tried sensing his Spiritual Force in which he succeeded. But this wasn't a big achievement because almost everyone knew how to sense or interact with spiritual force in The Amaron Continent. It
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Absorbing Mana For The First Time
A month passed by In this period, Karna only focused on practicing according to the manual. After bathing and breakfast, he would instruct the servants to not disturb him and then he focused on sensing Mana. He got no results for 20 days but on the 21st day, he finally sensed Mana in the surroundings. Karna suddenly sensed warm energy tingling his body on that day, his eyes were closed and yet he could 'see' the existence of Mana. It was a one-of-a-kind experience. Karna quickly tried to absurd the Mana but he lost the connection with Nature.And a month passed by just like that, Karna was currently in his 'Samadhi' State of meditation, he was trying to sense Mana around him, but no matter how much he tried he could not absorb it in his body. Karna opened his eyes. He began to think.'It's really hard to be self-taught, but I cannot ask my father for a mentor. Rudra was a warrior, suddenly if I tell him that I want to be a mage then he will definitely think of me as a retard. First
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Forming a Mana Core
Karna diligently began to form his Mana Core, he didn't have anything to do in the first place so he focused on training day and night. The High-Grade Mana Affinity Manual was very remarkable. Karna was absorbing Mana like picking up stones from the road. His speed was 5 times of a normal person. On the 16th day when Karna was in meditation, suddenly he absorbed a large amount of Mana. All the Mana went through his body and gradually mixed in the Circular Mass of energy in his dantian. This cycle continued for a while and then Karna finally began to consolidate the Core. Karna carefully guided all the mana and began compressing as much as possible. He groaned in pain but persisted with determination. It felt as if he was being crushed by a mountain. With Karna's efforts, the Mana began shrinking into a small orb. Sweat poured out of Karna's body like a waterfall, blue veins could be seen on his hands, and his eyes were read. Suddenly, BOOM!A massive shockwave was released from Ka
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Magic Tutor - Makrov Ludwig
Two days later Karna was in his room training with Mana. For some reason, Ron had forbidden everyone to spread the news that Karna formed his Mana Core. Karna read some books about 'Mage Knights' and he understood that he would get a great advantage if he used Mana with Sword. But he just did not like Swordsmanship. As usual, Karna was sitting crossed-legged with his eyes closed. that's when the sound of Knocking came.Karna opened his eyes, he knew that it was Lara because no one beside her came into his room. He had a very good impression of Lara. She had a lovable and cute personality, she was beautiful and she took care of him. She had all the curves in the right places. Karna was a male after all, And he had decided to live this new life to its fullest. That's why he had no norms for having relationships, but he wanted to focus on increasing his strength first. With these silly thoughts, he replied in a daze, "Ya, come in"Lara pushed the door and came inside. she wore the Maid'
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A difficult Dilemma
After some pleasantries, Karna and Makrov finally got to Business. they both sat on the mat cross-legged across each other. Makrov said, "Young Lord. as you know, Mages are divided into 10 Ranks and after that, Demi-God and The Godhood just like warriors. There might be only 10 ranks but there is an immense difference in strength between every rank which can only be crossed under special circumstances. There are three sub ranks In every rank, which are lower, mid, and high. to understand this better you can think that every rank has 100 levels. 1-30 is lower, 31-65 is mid, and 66-100 is high.""I am a 5th Mid ranked Mage, this means that I need to cross 34 levels to reach 5th high rank. Now this may look easy but I will need perhaps a decade to achieve this, and that too when I have enough resources and funding even though I'm a genius.""The strength between people of the same rank depends on their various skills and spells. and this is why usually the nobles and those who have infl
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