The Flaming Visit

"Nein was not around for the meeting. Nana, what was he doing? Was he sleeping with his countless harlots while getting drunk again?" Aaron asked and Nana's face twisted with hurt.

She had come here with Aliyah for a different reason. Aliyah had told her about how Aaron had beat a certain man up because he had danced with her. She had come here to convince Aaron to marry Aliyah. She didn't trust Diamant and if Diamant became the Queen, she would lose power. But Aliyah, for her, was someone she could control.

Wasn't she already blinded by the love she had for her Grandson?

"I see. Once a spade, always a spade." Aaron said with spite to his father.

"I will see to it that he gets his work done. Don't worry, this won't affect the collection of the taxes." Nana tried to calm him down.

"You'd better." He relaxed and sat back on his throne.

"Well, I came here for a different reason." Nana said with a smile and Aliyah bowed her head coyly.

"What is it?" Aaron asked, his eyes questioning.

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