The Mystery Of The Ancient Gate

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The Mystery Of The Ancient Gate

By: Feni Setia CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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"I want to see mom and dad's faces, I want to see the world, and I also want to see what humans are really like!" "Be patient Wui, mom will try so that you can see like a normal human," Wui Jin is a 20-year-old young man who has had an eye defect since birth. This defect makes it difficult for him to develop, his father and mother have tried their best to find a way for their son to see like a normal human being, but their efforts have never been successful. On one occasion, Lian Wei and Xiang Ling brought Yier Yan to the stopover of a great physician in the hope that their son could be cured by him. There was a reward behind this hope. Grandpa Wui Ling will give Wui Jin eyes but on the condition that his parents' lives must be in return for the treatment. Will Yier Yan's parents give up their lives? Then what about Yier Yan's fate?

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    welcome to the first my book

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86 chapters
Born without eyes
"I'm sorry, father! I didn't do what you said; now Wui Yin is the victim of everything I've ever done to you!""For the umpteenth time, I hurt you again; forgive me!" Lian Wei said this while crying in front of the grave of Zhou Guon, Lian Wei's biological father.The young man was currently crying while hugging the tombstone under the heavy rain pouring down on Luoyang City. Lian Wei rubbed the tombstone, and a few seconds later he got up from his seat, picked up a hoe, and dismantled the grave of his late father, Zhou Guon. The rain was getting heavier, and the thunder was getting louder. But that didn't stop Lian Wei from stopping what he was doing, and it wasn't long before he was smiling with satisfaction when he got what he wanted. He quickly brought the object to the temple, not far from the tomb.Lian Wei ran away crying in the pouring rain that night. She returned feeling both happy and sad. Arriving at Zhengfang Temple, Lian Wei approached his wife and son, who were facing G
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Bad Bugs
"Aaarrghhtt!!!An alien creature that looked like blood-red root tissue attacked Wui Jin, causing her head to be injured. The creature entered Yier Yan's body, so it wasn't long before she got up from her prostration and rubbed her eyes slowly. She vaguely saw a young man sitting on an old bench without opening his eyes. The longer she opened her eyes, the clearer the shape she saw before her eyes."Grandpa," he murmured softly."Is this real? I can see now! I can see the human form, and is this me?" She asked herself while staring at her hands. She also felt his handsome face while shaking her head in disbelief. For 20 long years, she had waited to know his true form, and now her wish had been realized. Without further ado, she ran out of the temple to find her parents' whereabouts because she couldn't wait to see the form of someone who meant a lot to her."Father!!!""Mom!!!""I can already see! Where are mom and dad?" Wui Jin shouted loudly while running through the dark forest."
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Ordinary Youth Hero
The thousand-legged creature is once again running from rooftop to rooftop in Luoyang City, where this creature is Guan Gong, who is on a mission given by his master to investigate the evil insects that have been making trouble lately. After a long period of time when the village was safe from attack by the evil insects, there are now rumors of chaos caused by the evil insects and their army. As a warrior in Luoyang City, he is determined to protect the city from enemy attacks for the convenience of the locals."Damn! I was forced to drop into the body of this foul insect just to avoid the Wuyin sect. I don't want to be inside this disgusting body!" said the Taisu god as he followed the insect."Hahahaha!!!""Young Master Zhang, may all your affairs be facilitated by the gods!""Don't forget to come to our place again, young master!""Take it easy! My troops and I will come to this place again," he said as he boarded a horse-drawn carriage with four bodyguards behind him.The world is
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Tian Xie
Lourong CaveIn a dark cave filled with filth, a woman prostrated herself at the feet of the insect queen. She is the leader of the evil insect demons who have been spreading throughout the city in search of the god Taisu. The prostrating women are Xiang Ling, Yier Yan's mother, and Lian Wei, Yier Yan's father. Both of them are now followers of the insects because the poison in their bodies has spread to make them members of the insects. They became followers and were obliged to carry out what the insect queen ordered, including organizing strategies to take over the Taisu god again."For three years I have been waiting for the presence of the god Taisu, but you easily destroy the wait that I have been waiting for!"The woman bowed down to beg the insect queen for forgiveness. "Forgive us, master," she said.The prostrate woman was suddenly swarmed by evil insects all over her body, while her husband, who discovered her condition, gasped in shock."My wife!!!" He shouted.It wasn't lo
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Helping Women On Sale
Louyang City"I can't bear to eat this raw food anymore. Those damn swordsmen from the Wuyin Sect are making me miserable."Sreeegg..."Aaarrghhhttt!!!"Lord Taisu returned and carried Wui Jin's body into the air. God Taisu was very fond of Wui Jin's body, so he kept a close eye on wherever Wui Jin went and what was on his mind."I know you need the money, right? I can help you, but let me live in your body!" He said.Brak."Awaaaaa!!!"Lord Taisu entered Wui Jin's body and carried him away to Lingrong's money house. He strode into this room with the gallant stride of a god with a strong and decisive personality. He approached a young man who was in charge of guarding the money house, disturbing the young man who was counting money there."There's no alms for you, bad beggar, today! I have no food; please don't make a scene in this place!" He said.Wui Jin stared at the young man with a cold gaze. "I want money!" He replied briefly and coldly."Do you have banker's proof?""Then I can
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Wuyin Sect
Wuyin SectWei Jin woke up from his sleep. He looked up at the ceiling of the dark and worn room with confused eyes; he did not know where he was. He slowly rose from his slumber and circulated his gaze across the dark, poorly lit room."I can't die from just one punch from that Wuyin Sect youth, right?" He asked himself."Now you're still safe! But if you run away again, I'll make sure your life is finished in my hands!" Guang Gong saidThe young man got up and then approached Guang Gong, who was standing while crossing his arms in front of his chest."Where is Taisu?" He asked Guang Gong."He's in your body! Where are you going? Insect demons and evil monsters will chase you later!" He said this while placing two fingers on Wui Jin's forehead. But he quickly dodged Guang Gong's action; unfortunately, he had not yet dodged the finger that had absorbed his energy first."The sealing time is almost up!""That's not what I want! Where is Taisu?" She asked again.Guang Gong stared intent
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Yier Yan
"Taisu's divine energy is powerful once the seal is broken, and that power depends on how you control it through your body!""Take it easy, big brother; I can do it!" Wui Jin said.Guang Gong glanced at the master and nodded. The master flew into the air along with Rong Yin and Xian Xie. Meanwhile, Guang Gong approached Wui Jin's standing body and placed his two joined fingers on Wui Jin's forehead. After a few minutes of Guang Gong absorbing the energy in Wui Jin's body, he opened his eyes and looked at Guang Gong weakly."I'm sorry, Guang Gong," he said.Not long after a strange red creature hit Guang Gong's body, fortunately he was alert, and his flagship umbrella helped him support the alien creature so that it did not hit his body with the help of the master from behind him."The weak youth is indeed adept at deception," said the god Taisu.Rong Yon choked Wui Jin from behind, while Xian Xie threw a sharp weapon at Wui Jin that hit him in the face. Meanwhile, the master levitated
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Not Ready
Guang Gong entered the forest to look for Tian Xie's whereabouts, but it was deserted. Until his foot accidentally stepped on a hole and made him fall down, along with the umbrella he used to use as a weapon. Guang Gong felt something strange behind him; as soon as he turned around, an evil insect was about to pounce on him. Fortunately, Wui Jin swiftly grabbed the evil insect and killed the creature."Be careful, Guang Gong; I will look for Yier's whereabouts first," he said, then left Guang Gong.Wui Jin stabbed his way into the extremely dark cave, while Yier's name echoed through the cave. He circulated his gaze, sharpening his sense of sight to explore the surroundings of the place. Until his gaze accidentally caught someone lying on the ground, he was curious about the person and chose to approach the person."Yier?" He called outHe opened the white cloth immediately, followed by Guang Gong helping Wui Jin lift the head of the person who turned out to be Yier. But not long ago
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Return To Sect Wuyin
Wui Jin rose from his seat with a sharp gaze toward Guang Gong. He stared at the handsome face with eyes filled with hostility."Until the earth splits, I will never leave Wui Jin!" His words came out of his lips loudly. Lord Taisu was the one controlling Wui Jin's body this time. Meanwhile, Wui Jin, who has a body, can only follow what the deity controls. His mind was frantic, thinking about all the problems that befell him and the dilemma between wanting to take out Lord Taisu and live comfortably, but he had to accept the risk of living without eyes. All this time, he could see the beauty of the world because of the magic of God Taisu himself.Guang Gong was surprised to hear Wui Jin's bold words in front of him. "What do you mean, God Taisu? Don't think that I pity you!""Don't you pity Wui Jin? Trying so hard to rebel to keep you from doing weird things with his body!" Guang Gong said it interactively."I don't care! It's because of me that he can see the world. All this time he
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New Journey
The evil insects walked quickly in front of the stopover temple in Luoyang City. While inside the temple, Guang Gong, Rong Yon, Xian Xie, Wui Jin, Yier Yan, and two other troops were discussing together. They were busy discussing future plans regarding Wui Jin's current problem. Master Zhuang Tie was also present, listening to the conversation between them. At first, Guang Gong gave a glimpse of Wui Jin's problem, so Master could deduce the root of the problem and find a solution."That's the glimpse of the story that I could catch from Wui Jin, Master. Is there a solution to this problem so as not to harm both of them?" Asked Guang Gong.The master nodded in understanding at the explanation. "Wui Jin!""Yes, Master.""Birth defects cannot be cured because what happened to you today is the karma of your grandmother. With Lord Taisu as your helper, it is not the best solution because sooner or later he will also eat away at your body!" Said the master."If you come with us, then we wil
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