Turn Of Events

His hand held her wrist in a tight grip and he looked at her with accusing bitter eyes. Her eyes gleamed with fear as she stared into the blackness of his own.

"Aaron, you are hurting me." She whimpered in pain. The closeness they shared compelling and painful.

"Because this is all your fault! If only I hadn't always blindly listened to you and your baseless accusations!"

"Baseless accusations?! You call that baseless accusations!" Her face was now mixed with anger. She intensified her struggle resulting to an increase in the noise of swishing cloth. Her attempt angered him and he reached for her second hand in a tight grip too.

"What else would you call the rubbish you had me believe! This is all your fault!"

"It isn't!" She could feel his fingernails digging into her skin. The heaviness of alcohol in the air swept pass her nose and her eyes widened. "Aaron, you are drunk! Let me go, you are hurting me."

"I don't think it is a fraction of how you hurt me with how much you turn me dow
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