Pulling Strings

With his arm across his face, Li stare at the ceiling. He could hear the loud chatter of guards outside, the little insects making their usual noise at night, the slow burning of the wood in the fireplace that kept the little room warm and illuminated. He could hear almost everything with how silent his mind was. The loudest to him was the noisy breathing of the guard naked by his side as she cuddled close to him under the thin cover cloth covering away their nakedness.

Then slowly his mind went stormy and his eyes went blurry with tears. He blinked it away, his eyes still focused on the ceiling.

He just hoped that this sacrifice would be worth it.


Li entered the dungeon, his eyes casted to the ground. He mumbled to himself, then he looked at his sister who smiled feebly at him. The guard followed closely behind and when he was settled, she chained him back to his post. She smiled broadly at him then gave him a forehead kiss before disappearing into the
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