A Stagger From Oblivion

"I know." She whispered while she slipped to the ground. She didn't care for her gown while she sat on the floor, although they made a loud swishing and rumbling sound because of how big they were. She brought her knees up and rested on them her chin.

"I couldn't sleep last night, I haven't been able to sleep at all." She went silent for a while, too long that Lewis became worried. He almost turned to look at her, even if she was resting her back on the bars, he would at least be able to see if she was fine. He started moving but stopped when he heard her sniffle.

She was crying.

He gritted his teeth and said nothing. He had a feeling this was all going to be over soon, dragging his life along with it. How could it make it hurt less for her? Would pushing her away do it?

"I stood angry at you for so long long, why had I done that?! I wish I hadn't done that." She broke into tears again.

"Forgive me, Lewis. Please forgive me."

It went silent again sve for Clara's soft sobbing.

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