Too Fast A Pace

The hands around him pulled him back roughly. Someone twisted one of the arrows further into his back. The pain shot in his head, his legs went weak and he crashed against the floor. His scream penetrated through his mask as he curled and uncurled on the floor in pain.

Aaron's breath hitched, his chest raising and falling. He raced down the stairs and drew away the mask off his face. He staggered back at the sight of his scar filled face.

The warriors had dragged the Twin up, so he was standing although if he wasn't held, he would fall forward.

Aaron accessed his scar filled face while the Twin looked back at him with bitterness in his eyes.

"Pathetic people with faces, your blood wants your death."

The cold words melted against his heart and he gritted his teeth.

"You are not from here." Aaron said in a voice that was fighting being overcame by the pain of betrayal.

"This isn't treason either, my loyalty is to whosoever I give it to."

Aaron looked at him questionably. Shouldn't he
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