A Little Visit

"Quite a lot, my Lady." His tone was calm, devoid of any trace of tiredness.

Diamant set her position, looking carefully at her target before raising her bow and sending the the arrow flying across the room. It planted itself firmly across the wood and there was a spark in her eyes.

She had been a little distracted and had missed the spot she was aiming for by a disappointing distance.

"Is there anyone by the names Klaus and Ranto amongst the palace guards?"

Lewis sucked in a deep breath, deep in thought.

"I do know Klaus but I don't know who Ranto is... Then again, they are so much, I can't know everyone."

Diamant looked at him quickly, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Her lips parted in an attempt for her to say something but she shut it back. It felt like everyone was playing a mind game with her. She eyed him suspiciously and Lewis felt uncomfortable under her intense gaze.

"Is anything the matter, my Lady?"

She bit her lips and looked away. She had got lost in thought and not
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