Vermillion Of Exterminator

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Vermillion Of Exterminator

By: Vermillion ID OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"Kill the prince before he destroys the world, you only have 18 years," the Goddess ordered. Cleon is a special reincarnation who is reborn with his memories and abilities in his previous life. He gets a task from the Goddess to kill the prince who will cause the destruction of the world. A magic from the demon lord turned the world into chaos, people disappeared without a trace and scattered in a very strange place. Cleon's adventure begins, with the provision of his ability to survive various obstacles on his journey. Create his own army to carry out his duties.

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124 chapters
Goddess's Order
"I'm still alive? Or dead."“It's too dark, I can't see anything. My body feels cold, what is this? Water? I seem to have died.”"But why? I'm too short, I'm not even married at all. Erm.. let alone get married, I've never been close to a woman.""My life has been bad luck, and now it's over."Seen the body of a man who began to sink into the water that has no bottom, he was talking to himself wondering whether he was still alive or not. Slowly the man began to close his eyes and kept sinking deeper and deeper.But suddenly a very bright light appeared in front of him making him slightly open his eyes, something grabbed his hand and pulled him quickly.When he realized that the man had fully opened his eyes and was quite surprised by what he saw around him, he stood and turned around in amazement at the place where he stood. Such a beautiful and majestic place, it seemed that he was alone there."Where is this? Am I dead already? Is this heaven? Is it okay if I die and then enter heav
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Reincarnation Begins
The goddess stepped away from the man and casually, she had indeed prepared something special for her reincarnation this time because this man would have a special task from her."Yes even though my strength is limited in human abilities, make my strength at the highest level.""Yes of course, I'll give you the specifications of the strongest human in theory," said the goddess turning around and extending her hand upwards.Then the place changed, like a dome-shaped room that had five sides of different colors, and the man was now inside. He seemed to pay attention to everything around him, on the outside of the dome there were many cards that floated and circled around the place, it was an ability card.“This is the ability of a human in another world. At birth you will be given up to five abilities at random, you can choose the five abilities you want. Besides, you can freely choose the elements.”"There are some things I want to ask you," said the man with very high curiosity."Plea
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Demon Beast Attack
“Aaaaakkhhhh!!!”The screams of a woman sounded quite loud, in a room the woman was lying limply.“Madam, it's been born! Boy, what a great master Dante!”With a very happy expression Dante drew closer to his new born baby, he looked at Emily with a big smile then walked over to her and gave her a warm kiss on the forehead."Thank goodness dear, you and our child are fine," said Dante, holding Emily's hand tightly, which still looked weak.**Slowly the man who had just reincarnated opened his eyes, in front of him were the figures of a very happy man and woman. Her eyes rolled around her, then she tried to see her own hand."So it's like this reincarnation, now I'm back to being a newborn baby," said the man in his own mind, he realized that he had just been born into the world.His eyes returned to the two people in front of him. “So they are my parents now.”Emily and Dante are a small family living in the village, they are a couple who have been married for over a year and now Emi
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Magic Spell
A few years later.Now Cleon is 6 years old, he is very active in running and playing. But until now Cleon only played in the house and also in the yard, he never went out there at all. His curiosity was high, but his parents never gave him permission to play away, so he could only spend time around the house.That morning Cleon just woke up and went out to look for his mother, it seemed that Emily and Helen were busy in the kitchen cooking. He walked with his eyes slightly closed because he still felt sleepy."Cleon, you're awake apparently," Emily said when she saw Cleon walking towards the kitchen."Good morning young master," Helena greeted with a sweet smile, in Cleon's heart she really wanted to hug him but it felt a little different.Cleon walked and didn't answer Mom's or Helena's words, he walked to the bathroom to pee. Emily certainly noticed this when she was cooking. Then Cleon came out and sat down to watch his mother cook, but after a while he got bored and finally decid
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Water Cannon
Cleon closed his eyes and began to concentrate. He thought that this was the same as combo training in a fighting game. Concentration, imagine continuing without stopping after that you can immediately try.Cleon started imagining a small lump of water gradually coalescing into a larger lump of water. His body felt the same sensation again, an energy flowing from the soles of his feet and gradually towards his palms."Ha!"Cleon subconsciously stomped his hand then opened his eyes, he was surprised because the water ball appeared the same as before. Slightly surprised, Cleon's body fell backwards and the lump of water fell on his body until finally the pants he was wearing were wet. He just realized that he hadn't cast a spell at all, he looked back at his hands."How come?"With high curiosity Cleon wanted to try it one more time, with the position still on his back on the floor he stuck his hand up. But suddenly he felt dizzy. “Is this only my limit?”Cleon fainted instantly, and he
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Magic Master
Because of the commotion that Cleon had caused earlier, they actually brought in a private tutor. He invited a private tutor from another area, where Cleon lived was a remote village on the border so it took quite a while to get there.According to Dante the person who came he was a retired former adventurer, besides that he was an old wizard with a lot of experience and also had a long beard, really like a real magician.Until finally a teacher came, which Cleon had been waiting for, he had arrived in front of the house and was greeted by Dante, Emily and Cleon. But who would have thought the arrival of the teacher to make them all surprised.“My name is Flora Roxy, nice to meet you.”Instantly the atmosphere became awkward, because the teacher who came was far different from what Dante had said before. A girl who has blue hair and she still looks like a child. He wears a black magician's hat and his special white wand."Um, you are…. That private tutor huh?” asked Dante in a somewha
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Magic Wand
Two years had passed since Flora's arrival, she was an excellent teacher. The lessons were very interesting and fun, thanks to which Cleon quickly mastered high-level attack magic. Not only that, now Cleon can also control his mana usage according to his needs. Now that Cleon has mastered all the basic elements, he can use them well. In addition, Cleon has also begun to learn to combine two elements to create bigger attacks.However, in practicing the sword Cleon still hasn't gotten much progress, because his physique is still a child so he still has a lot to learn. Luckily his father was a swordsman who served as security in the village, almost every afternoon Cleon practiced swordsmanship with his father in the yard.That night Flora was giving some theory to Cleon, she only explained a little about some of the origins of magic techniques.“Back then this magic technique came from a tribe that was used to protect themselves from enemies. The skill of controlling the wind or the grou
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Cleon Graduation Exam
Cleon and Flora traveled to the place where they were doing their graduation exams, the two of them headed to a place that was quite far from the residential area. Passing rice fields and fields along the way, until finally the two of them arrived at a savanna. The expanse of green grass stretched out as if it had no end.Flora tied her horse to one of the trees, while Cleon looked overjoyed at the sight before her eyes. This was the first time he had gone that far because he had not yet received permission from his parents to go too far."It's very comfortable," said Cleon, taking a deep breath.“This is a very peaceful place, lucky you were born in a place like this. Alright looks like you're ready Cleon."Cleon smiled widely and felt very excited while nodding his head. "Of course!""First we see how far the magic you have mastered, show everything you have learned so far.""Well!"With an excited look Cleon started to raise his hand, he casually just closed his eyes. Instantly the
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Cleon's First Battle
A few years since Flora's departure, Cleon has started to grow and continues to learn to develop his own magic. He began to dare to play in places far enough from his home, from walking along the river to playing in the forest. Now his routine activity is practicing swordsmanship with his father, he has grown enough and is starting to be able to counterattack.That afternoon Cleon was resting because he was quite tired from practicing, there were several bruises on his cheeks. It seemed that he still couldn't beat his father."Looks like it's impossible to beat you, father," said Cleon as he caught his breath again.“No, you have progressed a lot this time. If you use a sword and combine it with magic, I'm sure you will win easily.""But Dad doesn't allow that in training, does he?"“Hahaaa… I want you to really master the sword technique first, then you can combine it with your magic. I'm sure you'll get over it quickly."While they were evaluating the results of their training, sudd
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Dark Fox Demon Organization
The demon beasts drew closer to the two of them, Cleon immediately prepared to welcome their arrival. Dante looked quite panicked because this was the first time there had been such a large number of demon beasts. Moreover, their level was quite high compared to all the demon beasts he had fought.“No Cleon, we have to retreat. They are too dangerous!” shouted Dante with a panicked expression."Don't worry Daddy, everything will be fine. Father quickly went for cover."Cleon looked so calm as the demon beast got closer, he immediately raised his wand. A huge magical energy began to appear making Dante immediately move away from Cleon. Splashes of water began to come out and form a dragon's head with a giant size. With a sharp gaze Cleon aimed his magic at the demon beast that was heading towards him.“Water Dragon Cannon!!”“Woooossssshhhh!!”The attack from Cleon's magic was unleashed, a gigantic water dragon flew at high speed and hit all the demon beasts. It didn't stop there, Cleo
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