The rise of the "Lolicon Slayer"

According to a Brazilian psychiatrist, "Accelerated Thinking Syndrome" is an alteration where the mind becomes filled with thoughts, making it impossible to concentrate. This is what his psychologist, Miss Kanade, said.

When he starts thinking about so many things at once, Kurone forgets everything around him. Normally, the young man would always bump into someone or fall down the stairs, but this time it ended up costing him his life.

- Kurone Nakano, twenty years old, medical student, Virgin... Hihihi...

Who spoke the last word in English as clean as that room was a woman with long blond hair - a piece of paper with Kurone's personal information was in her left hand.

- Who... who are you?

The young man was on the floor, still dressed in his clothes from the fateful moment - a white social shirt and black pants. His whole body ached, but he made an effort to wipe away the tears that had come to him and then to get up.

For a moment, her legs refused to obey. They trembled incessantly, not only her legs, but her whole body.

Surely, he had not yet recovered from the shock of minutes ago. It was nothing to do with the accident, since Kurone's physical body remained on earth. It was something in his psychology that prevented him from getting up. Maybe it was the thought that he would never see his family again? 

Yes, he would never see his mother and his precious sisters again.

"Then why do I still feel alive? Why hasn't my existence simply been erased?"

- It was me! Teehee! - The girl spoke, as if she could read his mind (and indeed she could!). - I stopped you from reincarnating again. 

She sat down on her golden throne and crossed her legs gracefully. Her translucent dress showed off a pair of captivating thighs to any man's eyes, but even though she was facing him, Kurone's mind was so full - as usual - that he stopped paying attention to the beauty.

- May I ask why you did that?

Still lying on the floor, looking up at the ceiling, - or rather, the vast darkness - Kurone asked the beautiful girl.

- Humpf! - The girl pouted. - You don't seem to be grateful. I saved you from a miserable life! Be more grateful!

- ...

- In your reincarnation, - she continued. - you would be born as Yuri Yaegashi, daughter of a heavy-handed Yakuza, who would become the slave of another gang at the age of sixteen, having to do terrible things for this other gang and having to satisfy about thirty-eight men a day... Bruh! It's not such a nice life, is it?

The blond-haired beauty did another set of legs and looked pitifully at the young man on the floor.

- I don't care.

- It's really... Huh? Hey, hey, hey. Stop! What did you say?

- After all, without the memories, the one who would become a gang slave wouldn't be Kurone Nakano...

Still lying there, the young man sighed as he pointed out the facts.

- Ah! that's the problem with reincarnations, it's so boring not to have memories of your past life... - The girl also sighed as she looked up, remembering, perhaps, some problem she had with some reincarnation.

- buuut...! - said the woman, pointing her index finger at the young man lying on the ground. - I have a proposal for you!

- Proposal?

- Yes, you can choose between reincarnating without any memory as Yuri Yaegashi, the daughter of a Yakuza who is kidnapped at the age of sixteen... or you can accept to reincarnate in a world of swords and magic with your body and your memories to do a little work for me!

The beauty shook her long blond hair and pointed once more at Kurone, waiting for his answer.

Gathering his remaining strength, the young man sat down. He had already made up his mind. The answer was obvious.

- I want to-

- If you can do your job... - interrupted Kurone's answer. - I can send you back to your world, ten minutes before your accident. That's enough time for you to avoid the accident, isn't it?

- Then, please, Madam! I wish to be reincarnated in another world!

Kurone, who had already decided to reincarnate without memories into a new life doomed to misfortune, shouted without a second thought when he learned that he had the chance to see his family again.

- What work shall I perform for you? - asked the young man, showing extreme respect to the woman in front of him... who refused to answer.

- Ahh... Excuse me... Aren't you going to answer me...?

He crawled and tried to approach the girl, but she simply turned her face and walked away, going deeper into the throne while making a beak - it was quite flexible for a golden throne.

- This is very mean! Despite the fact that goddesses live long, they remain with the body of a twenty-year-old woman. It's very mean to call someone of the same age a lady!

The goddess waved her arms as she shouted at Kurone, her watery eyes giving her a rather childish look.

- Huh? Wha-what?

- DON'T-CALL-ME-MA'AM... Got it?

- I'm sorry... Ma'am... I mean, Miss.

He tried to calm her down, afraid that she might change her mind about sending him to the other world, but it only made her redder.

- Cecily! You can just call me Cecily! I don't want to be so formal with a future co-worker!

In mythology, gods were beings who exuded fear and authority. Someone who condemned the sinful practices of mankind and who would bring final judgment in the near future. Could that woman, whose face was now completely flushed, really be called a goddess? 

- Okay... So, Cecily, what work shall I perform for you in this other world?

Cecily stood up and materialized a chalk. Magically a blackboard appeared beside her, the girl began to scribble on the floating board and looked towards the young man.

- Andeavor is the name of the kingdom to which I am sending you. A kingdom filled with corrupt nobles who were lucky enough to escape the eyes of the Demon King, Beelzebub, who terrorizes this world. In this kingdom where the king is manipulated, the nobles use and abuse the poor villagers as they please. And what is worse, children are the main targets! Your job then, will be to free these children from the hands of these wretched nobles, and to rebuild this kingdom again...

The Goddess stared at Kurone for a moment, turned and erased the content, looked again at the young man and showed him the drawing on the board.

- I want you to be a hunter of the nobles who mistreat and abuse children... I want you to become... the "Lolicon Slayer".

The drawing on the board, although not the best, was of a muscular hero with a defined tank, holding a sword in his left hand and something - apparently a human head - in his right hand.

Was that supposed to be Kurone?

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