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"In the past, the goddess wanted to protect all the children in the world. In the present, a little girl has sworn revenge amid tears of farewell. In the future, a young man will wish to live the next day, to see the innocent smile of his sisters..." The union of the three wishes, from different times and worlds, brings us to Andeavor. Reincarnated in a world dominated by the influence of the demon lord, Kurone Nakano, an ordinary young man, has been commissioned to be the "lolicon slayer", an unlikely hero with the sole purpose of protecting innocent smiles. However, as he comes into contact with people from that world, his mission becomes increasingly difficult. Church, nobles, heroes and demons become his enemies and all he has to survive the hard journey is a loli equipped with an M16A2. Grit your teeth! Pull the trigger! The season for hunting lolicons is open!

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Three golden cylinders fell to the ground, causing a sound of metal hitting something hard. The man hit the ground after three seconds.The little silver-haired girl blinked several times until she understood what had happened. Her crimson eyes reluctantly turned to the motionless body of her companion. He was dead.The delinquent who until a moment ago had been shouting things like "let's kill this bitch" and "shoot her" was dead...- Ha! I told you, I told you! - The masked demon spoke in a sadistic tone.Indeed, she warned, "Any damage you try to do to me will come back to you". The demon warned, but the reckless duo ignored the words and opened fire - the barrel of the M16A1 was still smoking.Luminus' heart raced. The little girl turned her attention again to the masked woman. She gripped the black rifle tightly so as not to let her fear show. The child's body trembled.- What, are you going to shoot? Didn't you see what just happened to your friend? Do you really want to die? A
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Preface of the end
The cold morning wind swung the barred gate from side to side.The Nakano house was the only one with that noisy little gate. Not by choice, a bigger gate cost too much, and at the moment, the Nakano family was in a difficult situation.- See you later, brother! - The girl nodded with a smile. - Take care! - The other, a few centimeters taller, also nodded.- Go carefully, not that I mind... Stop looking at me like that! - The last one, the smallest of the three, tried to wave, but blushed immediately, lowered her hand and ran into the house.- No need to worry, big brother here can take care of himself!The boy, who returned the nods energetically, was Kurone Nakano, an ordinary young Japanese medical school student who was about six blocks from the house with a cheap gate.Because he had an absent father, Kurone had to take on the role of helping his mother care for his three younger sisters, who currently had the ages, by descending scale of: 13, 12 and 11 years old.Despite the d
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The rise of the "Lolicon Slayer"
According to a Brazilian psychiatrist, "Accelerated Thinking Syndrome" is an alteration where the mind becomes filled with thoughts, making it impossible to concentrate. This is what his psychologist, Miss Kanade, said.When he starts thinking about so many things at once, Kurone forgets everything around him. Normally, the young man would always bump into someone or fall down the stairs, but this time it ended up costing him his life.- Kurone Nakano, twenty years old, medical student, Virgin... Hihihi...Who spoke the last word in English as clean as that room was a woman with long blond hair - a piece of paper with Kurone's personal information was in her left hand.- Who... who are you?The young man was on the floor, still dressed in his clothes from the fateful moment - a white social shirt and black pants. His whole body ached, but he made an effort to wipe away the tears that had come to him and then to get up.For a moment, her legs refused to obey. They trembled incessantly,
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- Lolicon Slayer? - Yes! Pretty cool, isn't it? - If you say so. - So first we need to make you a little bit stronger to work as an adventurer... Abracadabra! [body improvement]!A greenish light enveloped Kurone's body - which trembled for the moment. The young man had the impression of becoming lighter.- I-is that magic?- Yes, the one I used now is a holy magic that can only be used by a god to improve the attributes of humans.- I'll be able to use magic too?Kurone asked a little excitedly to Cecily, who was puffing out her voluptuous chest as she spoke.Magic. Every man's dream after an interspecies harem - at least, that's how it was for the young man.- Ummm... Perhaps the most basic of all, according to your information, you don't have much affinity with magic...- So how am I supposed to survive in this world, dammit?Kurone shouted in a frustrated tone. The goddess who shattered his expectations.- Oh yes! That's the best part! - Cecily jumped up from her throne and sum
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Attack of the demonic loli
A deserted green plain was filled with an intense bluish glow. Small particles of light began to cluster together, forming the slender body of a young man of twenty. Beside him, the small particles also formed the silhouette of a little girl half his size, with long hair and a childish body.These were Kurone Nakano, a young Japanese man who ended up involved in a tragic accident, and his little companion, whom he conveniently named Rory.Looking to the side, all that the newly-materialized Kurone could see was the green grass being swayed by the winds - or the small rabbit-like animals running around, fleeing from the strangers who had just arrived in this new world.- So this is the other world?The young man murmured, looking at the small animal that remained courageously where it was, devouring the green grass. When he noticed his gaze, the pseudo-rabbit ran and disappeared into the taller grass.- But where is civilization?Kurone looked at his companion for an answer, but she re
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Interlude in Grain Village
While Rory - on the outside - prepared to strike the coup de grâce at the village gate, the adventurers were getting drunk in broad daylight in the guild.Other younger adventurers, meanwhile, were looking for some decent quests, so they could get some money to eat tonight.- The quests are paying less and less every day... Ahhh, - commented a girl with a big pointed hat and witch's robes.- Indeed... What will become of the adventurers of this village forgotten by the rest of the world...? - sighed the boy next to her: a blond-haired swordsman.- L-look, how about we go and look for medicinal herbs... - suggested a shy little lady dressed as an archer.- Ah crap! This again. I'm tired of collecting herbs, we've already done it three times this week alone! - protested the witch.- My sword will rust if I don't find a mission soon that involves fighting monsters... - said the swordsman, staring at the short sword at his waist.After a synchronized sigh, the three adventurers returned t
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Getting Nehemiah off the wall
About thirty adventurers gathered at the entrance to the city, behind the wooden gate. At any moment it could fall. What still kept the gate standing were the strong steel chains.In front of the adventurers were five guards with gray armor and red ornaments. These were the same garments as the guard who summoned the adventurers; this same guard was in the lead in the battle.Other adventurers, not wanting to take part in the battle, just watched from outside the guild - together with the guild master and the other employees. They were real scoundrels. They were ready to flee the village at the first opportunity, if the adventurers on the front line and the guards were not enough to stop the enemy forces. The gate swung open with a "Bam" coming from the other side.The unheard sound startled the adventurers. Some trembled in fear, while others were excited, after all, in this quiet village, it was not often that they were attacked by enemies - the last such event was the orc attack t
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Eccentric, exquisite and probably a pervert
"How did it end up like that?" - According to the laws governing this kingdom, a trespass on the property of the nobility is a serious crime. Since it is usually caused by monsters like orcs, they are killed immediately, but since the trespassers this time were foreign humans, you will be sent to the royal capital for trial.The guard showed the book he had in hand to his companions.Kurone stood in his cell in silence, wondering internally how he ended up being arrested on his first day in the other world. This was not how it happened in the manga and light novels he read! "It's all that idiot's fault."The angry look turned to the little silver-haired girl - who was fast asleep.Rory fell to the ground without explanation, just as he was about to deliver the coup de grace to the adventurers of the village. Taking advantage of her breach, they took her weapon and tied up both the little girl and Kurone, although it was useless to disarm her, because a few seconds later, the rifle d
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Dinner in the Soul Za mansion
The orange sky of a short time ago slowly disappeared from the sky, giving way to the dark purple hue - making the dirt road gloomy. All that could be heard was the sound produced by the animals hiding in the trees.It was already the evening of Kurone and Rory's second day in this world, and the duo was in a comfortable carriage, crossing the night darkness, towards the residence of the marquis Edward Soul Za.The nobleman's mansion was far from the village called Grain - where they were imprisoned - secluded on top of a hill. When seen at night, it was very reminiscent of those in horror movies, which usually belonged to a family of vampires.The lights began to come on, making the building brighter, and removing the air of an undead home.Kurone enjoyed the dusk through the window of the carriage. He was trying to memorize the route to the village - if necessary, he would be prepared to run back."And we end up getting further and further away from our main mission... Ahhh." It to
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A sadistic maid with thick thighs
Kurone thought that the mattress in his room contained some kind of strange time-jumping power. The window at the end of the hall was lit by moonlight, and it also showed that some time had passed since Edgar had walked him to his room."How long did I sleep for?"The tired body succumbed to the comfort of the mattress and fell asleep the same instant it touched the expensive comforter. Not even Kurone himself realized the moment he closed his eyes and caught up on sleep. He was then awakened by the sound of someone knocking on the door in the middle of the night. "I'm still asleep and this is a dream?" In front of the young man - groggy with sleep - stood the beautiful red-haired maid he had met earlier: Brain. All the girl was wearing was a white semitransparent sweater, making her look sexier than when he first met her. Her hair was illuminated by the weak moonlight that came through the window at the end of the corridor, further enhancing her beauty.Her delicate hands held a t
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