Eccentric, exquisite and probably a pervert

"How did it end up like that?"

- According to the laws governing this kingdom, a trespass on the property of the nobility is a serious crime. Since it is usually caused by monsters like orcs, they are killed immediately, but since the trespassers this time were foreign humans, you will be sent to the royal capital for trial.

The guard showed the book he had in hand to his companions.

Kurone stood in his cell in silence, wondering internally how he ended up being arrested on his first day in the other world. This was not how it happened in the manga and light novels he read!

"It's all that idiot's fault."

The angry look turned to the little silver-haired girl - who was fast asleep.

Rory fell to the ground without explanation, just as he was about to deliver the coup de grace to the adventurers of the village. Taking advantage of her breach, they took her weapon and tied up both the little girl and Kurone, although it was useless to disarm her, because a few seconds later, the rifle d
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