The Elements

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The Elements

By: SherlySherly OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In the blink of eye, the shards of glass previously lying at Joseph's feet were surrounding him inches from his skin. His heart beat jumped at the sadness but he refused to moved.

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The boy sprinted down the empty corridor, his shoes scuffing silently against the grey linoleum floors. His face was splattered with random patches of blood, and there was the rip of a bullet in his shoulder, however this didn't stop him from continuing. He carried a gun in his hand as he ran, smiling a little to himself. He always enjoyed the chase more than the fighting. It was the waiting, the hiding. That always kept his adrenaline running at a high.He slowed to a smooth stop at the end of the corridor, sticking to the shadows as he flattened himself against the white wall's corner. He wore all black clothes; thin Lycra trousers and a tight black t-shirt. Over this, his black biker jacket was flapping against his chest as he breathed ruggedly.He hid the gun at his side as he peeked around the corner. There were two men in suits at the end, waiting for the elevator. They seemed in no rush, merrily chatting to each other in conversation. One of these men carried a briefcase.That
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Chapter 1
Cai slammed into the wall with a crash as Ashley finished him off with a full-blown kick to the chest. He slid down onto the ground, and shook his head a little.Ashley smiled. Finally, she'd proven that she could beat him with a little bit of intelligence. She stood, leaning on her practice fighting staff casually as she watched him clamber to his feet a couple of metres from her.He rubbed the back of his head, making his blonde hair stick up in every different direction."You do know that I'm not really attacking you?"Ashley nodded. "Sure.""So you don't have to be so rough." He took his time to walk over to her, picking up his practicing staff from the floor in front of her.Ashley only shrugged. "Well otherwise you would've beaten me anyway and then I'd be where you are." She smiled a little. "And I'm not a loser, Cai." As she span her staff around in her hand, she noticed her sweatband around her wrist had slipped, starting to reveal the beginning of her nightmares to the world
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Chapter 2
It was nearly dark outside as Joseph walked briskly towards the warehouse. He checked his phone every other second: he couldn't be late—that would only upset him. And Cale couldn't be upset otherwise who knows what would happen?Joseph turned the corner to the silent pathway through the weed-filled fields. There were several dead crops here amongst the creeping plants, but any wheat that was once grown here was long given up on. It only added to the atmosphere of feeling totally isolated.He pushed the door open gently into the wide space with a quiet creak. It didn't look like anyone was here yet, but he could never be too sure. Cale was one for hiding from him. He looked around, but couldn't see anything or even hear anything. Sometimes it was easy to hear breathing seeing as the building echoed so much, but that evening, there was nothing. Just the distant rush of cars.All of a sudden, there was a knife at his neck and a warm breath on his ear. Automatically, he lowered his densit
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Chapter 3
Ashley lay on her back on the first floor living room's sofa in complete darkness. She'd been waiting for at least 2 or 3 hours; she hadn't really been paying attention to the clock, though it ticked and tocked every second to remind her that time was still crawling forwards, however slowly. She twirled a leaf she'd picked from Gina freshly bought flowers, delicately placed in the centre of the coffee table. The white lilies complimented the pale blues and aqua tones of the rest of the room in a way which made Ashley feel surprisingly peaceful. Unfortunately, this made it moderately hard to fight sleep.Getting fidgety, she sat up properly, and checked the clock. It was nearly midnight. He should be home by now. What if something's happened?Ashley had decided to wait up for Joseph that night. She hadn't properly seen him in over a week; the only confirmation she'd had that he had actually come home each night was the fact that the calendar on his desk was always flicked over to the n
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Chapter 4
Joseph rubbed his head as Ashley's door slammed across the hall from his, and fell into a sitting position on his bed.Why do you always do this?Back out the second any kind of commitment presents itself.You just had to go and push her away the second you started to want her.He sat up properly, groaning to himself, and opened his eyes, only to have his heart leap up into his throat."Jesus!"The small girl stood in the corridor staring at him in her pyjamas like a ghost girl. She cocked her head slightly. "Are you alright?"Joseph sighed as he recognised Luna. She often didn't sleep very well but he knew he'd never get used to seeing her wandering about the hallways."I'm fine," he said briskly. He knew he should be nice to her, but he just didn't have the energy. He wanted to sleep, but he had to be up tomorrow morning."I heard slamming. And shouting."Joseph managed to smile at her. "It's fine, Luna. We're all fine."There was a silence for a minute, but she still didn't leave.
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