A sadistic maid with thick thighs

Kurone thought that the mattress in his room contained some kind of strange time-jumping power. The window at the end of the hall was lit by moonlight, and it also showed that some time had passed since Edgar had walked him to his room.

"How long did I sleep for?"

The tired body succumbed to the comfort of the mattress and fell asleep the same instant it touched the expensive comforter. Not even Kurone himself realized the moment he closed his eyes and caught up on sleep. He was then awakened by the sound of someone knocking on the door in the middle of the night.

"I'm still asleep and this is a dream?"

In front of the young man - groggy with sleep - stood the beautiful red-haired maid he had met earlier: Brain.

All the girl was wearing was a white semitransparent sweater, making her look sexier than when he first met her. Her hair was illuminated by the weak moonlight that came through the window at the end of the corridor, further enhancing her beauty.

Her delicate hands held a t
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